Panty Selling – Cash Ain’t King… Consent Is!

I was having a conversation on Kik the other day with a potential customer.

That’s not uncommon of course, I speak to potential customers EVERY SINGLE DAY, because that’s how you make sales.

But during the conversation I noticed a very subtle question arise in me and I found it fascinating.

I had this feeling that there was a very slight power struggle at play in the conversation. It was subtle but nevertheless I found myself wanting to assert my power as if it were trying to be taken.

Now, I’m not talking about domme/sub stuff here, I’m talking about a feeling that was saying to me that the customer felt he had an upper hand somehow and it was making me feel uncomfortable.

It’s of course my privilege when I say I don’t *have* to make sales if I don’t want to. But I wanted to write about it to help convey a message I truly believe in.

Cash ain’t KING, CONSENT is.

And so in the course of the conversation he said something along the lines of

“I may buy some of your videos”

To which I replied,

“I may even let you buy.”

Because I’m damned if anyone, ANYONE thinks that it ultimately comes down to them having money being my only priority when it comes to selling to them.

If I sell to you, it’s because I choose to. (I know, privilege.)

But even if you are fucking desperate for the sale, please always remember that ultimately your consent overrides everything else. Your boundaries. Your rules. Your desire to sell to that individual.

No amount of money is worth someone thinking they have power over me or my work.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t happen that much. But sometimes I get a feel that a guy thinks he’s the boss and I’m the worker.

Nuh, uh. That ain’t how this goes.

I sell my products to you if I CHOOSE to. If I WANT to. If I CONSENT to you having them.

And that’s how it stays.

Does that mean I’m up myself? Thinking I’m better than anyone else?

No fucking way.

It just means that I own my power and I don’t let anyone, or any conversation, lessen it or make me question it.


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