Panty Selling Groups on Facebook?

I got this question from a seller:

I started panty selling about a week ago and I’ve been listening to your podcast a lot. It’s super helpful, thank you so much for what you do!

I had a guy message me on snifffr and invite me to join a private buying and selling group on Facebook and I was wondering what you think about that?

I know you talk about kik groups but I haven’t heard you talk about Facebook groups yet. Do you think it’s worth it to create a Facebook for selling? I’m a little worried about it because it’s a more popular platform and I wouldn’t want anyone I know to recognize me. I know you probably get a lot of emails with questions but I’d love to hear your advice if you have time!


Here’s my reply:

Thanks for reaching out to me.
I’m tempted to say it’s something I would avoid.
I’ve tried setting up an account on fb to sell on marketplace and it was such a ball-ache and kept suggesting my real friends to me. To try and protect your identity from that side of things I’d suggest a brand new phone number and email address and to not show face or connect with anyone!! But Facebook is clever. It uses algorithms that are beyond our understanding which could potentially try to hook you up with people on your ‘normal’ Facebook or shut you down for being a ‘fake’ account.
To me, it’s more trouble than it’s worth.
For me, I came off Fakebook altogether when I ventured into this because I wasn’t willing to take the risk in anything happening and I don’t consider FB a ‘safe’ site for SW from lots of different angles.
It sounds a bit sus to me. Most groups tend to be on KIK or telegram or discord or something else. I haven’t heard of Facebook groups for sellers before but that’s not to say they aren’t out there.¬†
I hate fb anyway so I’m not the best person to talk to on that front but I’d tread very carefully.
Most legit guys won’t add you into a group until you’re an established seller with reviews so if that’s not you then it sounds like¬† a scam to me. The fact he’s targeted a brand new seller to a site makes me think this isn’t a clued up guy.
Hope that helps.

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