Panty Selling – How To Stay Motivated

I got this question from a seller in my group this morning…

“How do you stay motivated in this work?”

And it’s such a brilliant question that I’m going to make it next week’s podcast episode. I know exactly how to summon the motivation you need to show up and I can’t wait to share that with you.

But first, I’m going to throw you a curve-ball.

You know what to do when you can’t make yourself get motivated to do something?

Do something for someone else.

Take the focus off of you for a while.

When we can’t get motivated we’re too busy telling and believing a story in our head about I, me and mine.

Let’s switch that around for just a moment and focus on the other.

This morning a guy had checked out my profile and I could see from his profile that he was really interested in something specific.

A few moments later, I notice on overview a seller advertising something that I think would really suit this guy.

So what do I do?

I message her with a link to his profile and let her know he’s interested in something she’s selling.

I message him anyway to make a connection and in that time I also say to him that I’ve recommended him to her because she’s got what he wants and she’s a nice seller.

They hit it off and a deal is made.

THAT is fucking motivation let me tell you.

When you can get past yourself to make two other people happy, that’s motivation.

And there are untold and unbelievable ramifications from bringing together something good without thinking about what’s in it for you. I guess you could call it karma.

And it transpires that he’d like to buy from me too sometime. But fucking regardless, I’m happy because I made something good happen outside of me and mine and what I want or need.

So take the attention off of you.

How can you help another seller?

How can you help another buyer and it not necessarily lead to financial compensation for you?

Make that your focus for a while and know that that shit leads to good things including energy and motivation and positivity that will feed you and your work!

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