Panty Selling Is Addictive

Here’s the thing you should know before you get into selling your underwear online…

Panty selling is addictive.

It’s easy to understand the initial appeal for most sellers who get into this field.

It seems like easy money for not much work.

Those of us who’ve been doing this for a while know that it is far from ‘not much work’.

It’s actually a lot of work.

But it’s also fucking easy.

I mean, wearing is easy. Wrapping up and posting is easy.

Receiving money is easy.

But here’s where the addiction part comes in.

What other online business allows you to get set up and started and most importantly earning money straight away?

What fucking Multi-Level-Marketing scheme can profess to having you making money on your first day?

Not many.

But unlike MLM, with panty selling you are officially your own boss with your own product line. You decide your own pricing and you wear all the hats. Marketing, sales, customer service, product development… Whatever.

It’s a massive learning curve but it’s also super fun and exciting!

So back to the topic at hand.

When you make that first sale. When you see how straight-forward it is to sell to guys online and how desperate they are to pay you for your goods, it’s an absolute HIGH.

There’s nothing like it.

Well, I guess an epidural when you’re in labour is pretty close.

But seriously, making panty sales is ADDICTIVE.

Especially when it’s all down to you and your efforts and someone out there decides they want what you’ve got.

That’s is some powerful shit right there!

And once you come down from that high, you’re already thinking about that next sale.

That next person that is going to say YES to you.

It’s such a fucking rollercoaster of emotion.

When you make the sale (or SALES) you are so high and feeling amazing.

Then you’re eager and hungry for the next.

Then when it looks like it’s not happening you get despondent. Depressed even!

Selling panties is a drug. And I’m an addict.

I love the surprise sale. The long=game sale. The Panty Buying Unicorn sale. The hard sale. The easy sale. The lots of items sale. And I’m learning to love the no sale too. Blog (and possibly podcast) coming up on that one soon.

What about you?

‚ÄčAre you addicted to selling panties??

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