Is Panty Selling A Good Way To Make Money?

Is panty selling a good way to make money long-term?

Even though I’m almost a year in to selling my used underwear online, I still consider myself a newbie. I still think I’m brand new to this and in a lot of ways I am.

As I mentioned on the podcast last week, I don’t know everything there is to know about selling. I haven’t been in the game long enough and I bow down to the sellers who’ve been doing this for years, watching women like me come and go and staying the course no matter what twists and turns they experience.

I don’t know how long I’ll do this for.

Right now, spreading information about how others can get into this work and stay committed and make bank is my focus. Sometimes that focus takes over from actually selling – which makes me then feel like an impostor that NEEDS to get back in to selling.

But is there a point where most sellers bow out of the game? Cynical and tired and fed up of scammers and time-wasters?

I see it a lot. A seller becomes completely disenfranchised with the work and begins to slate it to others and claims it’s all going downhill.

And that’s likely true, especially if they’ve been in it for a long time and have the “glory days” to look back on before the market became saturated or platforms sold out and became hotbeds for scammers.

But the truth is that there will always be more customers. New customers. Guys that want to buy panties or pics or whatever.

That market isn’t going anywhere. And sure, maybe the price point will make this a less worthwhile endeavour for a lot of sellers who refuse to lower prices to the degree that many new sellers do.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still survive and thrive in this industry.

We just have to adapt as it changes.

We have to find new ways to find buyers, entice buyers and create loyal customers who return to our products and services time and again.

If we can remain focused on the good guys over the scamming and disrespectful guys.

If we can add value rather than lower prices.

If we can stay strong together instead of allow infighting and catty behaviour dictate our day.

If we can keep the positivity going and spread that out to everyone. I know, hippie shit.

But I believe it. Call me naive. I want to believe that this work won’t get to me. That I’ll stay positive and enjoy it for as long as possible.

Because even when it’s hard I still enjoy it. I still love making sales. I still love being able to do this work because it’s fun.

So I’m here to stay. For now…

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