Panty Selling Platform Interview – Goldencalf

How did Goldencalf come about?

We wanted to create a free platform for users to buy and sell fetish items. The name came from searching different terms for fetishes, we wanted to choose something that was different from the other sites.

How do you think panty buying online has changed over the last few years?

Panty buying is a lot more popular and becoming more mainstream

What advice do you have for new sellers, trying to get established?

Do some research, see how other established sellers promote their products and services, make sure you’re comfortable with what you offer and try to be consistent with posts and pics.

Most importantly have fun.

What advice do you have for new buyers?

Ensure you go with a verified seller who can show you reviews and pics to verify they are the seller.

What is Goldencalf doing to help alleviate concerns about scamming?

We are aware of the growing issues with scamming. To prevent scamming we encourage our users to report this behaviour to customer services. We also verify all posts and sellers/buyers. We also advise sellers not to send any items before a payment is received.

How is Goldencalf different compared to other panty selling sites?

Goldencalf is free to use and you can list as many items as you like, we believe panty selling should be more mainstream so we wanted to create a free platform to use. We also offer packaging to sellers to send their items to buyers, it’s a great pack for beginners or established sellers.

What is the future of buying and selling panties online?

Panty selling is getting more and more popular.  It’s no longer seen as a taboo. We have seen an explosion of people joining our site and think it’s fantastic.

What does it take to be a successful panty seller?

Time and effort, you only get in what you put out and always remember to have fun.

What new plans do you have on the horizon/just launched?
We would like to launch a social platform for panty/fetishes buyers and sellers

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