Panty Selling – Write Your Own Review

As I was working this morning – that means prospecting, by the way – I became aware of the inner monologue.

“You’ve run out of customers.”
“Everybody knows you and they don’t want to buy from you.”
“You’ve had your run, time to give up.”

You know, the usual bullshit commentary that pervades your day…

And I told it to promptly shut up. That I’ve made lots of sales and I can do it again. Just because I’ve had a break doesn’t mean it’s over. Yadda yadda.

But as I walked along the beach this morning, I had a better idea.

I have almost 100 reviews now.

100 happy customers.

Some of them, fucking delirious about my work.

And so I thought, well, next time I’m feeling shitty about my work, why don’t I just read my reviews?

I got my best review so far this week, I mean, that is a BIG FUCKING DEAL. Why don’t I make it my mission to read that every morning before I start work? Or whenever I’m feeling down?

Fuck it, why don’t I print that fucker out and keep it beside my bed?

Too far, maybe?

But then I had an even better idea. And this will help you if you don’t have many reviews – or even any!

Why don’t I write my own review?

Why don’t I write the review I want to get from my customers?

This is very much LAW OF ATTRACTION meets panty selling haha.

But seriously, why not?

What do you WANT your customers to say about you?

To think about your work and your offerings?

To feel when they receive your items or watch your videos?


Here lies Dalma Rosa, panty seller extraordinaire.
She sold panties like nobody else.
Her customers came from far and wide to sample her goods.
She delivered the best of the best and she was rewarded handsomely for her goods.

Haha, just kidding.

But seriously, give it a try. Write yourself a review. Make it as detailed as possible and FEEL what it feels like if you were to wake up to that review tomorrow morning.

Let me know how you get on!!

​Perhaps I’ll share mine later…

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