Pantydeal Review

Pantydeal Review: Alarming Reasons to Stop Selling there…

This is a guest blog post by Queen Ava

Many people have been asking about my absence on the popular panty-selling marketplace, pantydeal, so I wanted to address it. I hope you find my review of this site and personal experience an informative read.

I think the title of this post is self-explanatory, so let’s dig in. I have been selling my used panties and other fetish items for over seven years. I sold my first pair of dirty panties to a fan I met on myfreecams, a webcam site. After being introduced to the business, I branched out to selling on subscription-based panty-selling sites like pantydeal.

I started selling on Pantydeal in 2018. For those unfamiliar with the site, pantydeal is a marketplace where models pay to advertise their used panties for sale. Models can also sell digital goods like explicit photos and videos. Buyers can browse models, message them, and then arrange an order.

At first, I loved selling on Pantydeal.

I quickly climbed the top list of models and was even in the top 50 models of all time when I stopped selling on the site. I made a lot of sales on Pantydeal, and for a while, I boasted that it was my favorite place to work.

I had my first bad experience dealing with the admin on the site when I participated in Valentine’s Day contest. Pantydeal holds multiple competitions a year where models can enter photos. Buyers vote on their three favorite submissions. The winner receives $100. I know that isn’t much money, but the contest is a great way to get exposure on the site. The more you are seen, the more sales you get.

Anyways, I entered the contest with photos of myself in red lingerie. I had rose petals on the bed, and a single rose as a prop. My photos were simple and tasteful. I got a decent amount of votes at the start of the competition, but I was disqualified from the contest without warning. I noticed that I stopped receiving notifications indicating buyers had voted for me. I went to the contest page, and my submission had disappeared.

They explained they deleted my submission because it did not match the theme.

It honestly made no sense to me. I was wearing red. I had rose petals and a single rose. I went to check out the other model’s submissions. Many women had just recycled content they used for their other ads. It was not Valentine-themed in any way, but they were not disqualified.

It made me mad to have spent time and resources (even if they were small) to participate in the contest and be disqualified unfairly. At the very least, Pantydeal should have notified me that they deleted my submission but did not. I had to message them about it.

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