Pantydeal Training

Selling your panties on Pantydeal?

Are you frustrated at the lack of sales?

I hear you.

I speak to women every day who are confused, frustrated and annoyed at spending money to be part of an online selling platform only to be attracting time-wasters and freebie hunters!

I was that woman…

Spending hours and hours posting on overview and talking to men who either didn’t want to pay or couldn’t pay!

I was so desperate for sales and reviews I made the following mistakes: –

  • Got scammed
  • Sold my panties (and therefore myself) far too cheap!
  • Attracted losers
  • Gave away free stuff trying to get more sales


I sucked at Pantydeal.

I almost gave up. Many times.

I figured I just wasn’t cut out for it.

All the other women seemed to know and do better.

What was I doing wrong?

I spent all my time on Pantydeal doing what I thought was the right thing to do, only to find I was spinning my wheels, wasting time and energy and getting nowhere.

Desperately copying and following the lead of other women in the hope that their words and products would work for me.

Over time, I worked it out.

I figured out what worked!

And the time-wasters and freebie hunters?

They stopped approaching me.

But the best part was I was starting to make sales.

I put my prices UP not down.

I was approached by men wanting to buy. They came to me!

I worked out that posting on overview all day long was NOT what was making the sales.

It was two things.

Mindset and Strategy

And THAT is what the Pantydeal Sales Training is all about.

A collection of audio and video training from me that will help you to stop spinning your wheels and get nowhere all the while being contacted by losers who aren’t willing (or able) to pay you what you’re worth!

This is a training for Premium Sellers only. For those committed to selling and making panty selling their business AND their pleasure!

For those of you who are tired of being the same as everyone else and who are ready to stand out and make an impression.

For sellers who are ready but just need a push and a bit of direction to make it happen. (Not to mention the strategies that work and those that definitely don’t!!)


I’m Dalma, global pantypreneur and top seller on Pantydeal.

I host The Panty Selling Podcast and in less than four months I made over 100 sales and close to $4000 in revenue. I’m so delighted to have figured out how to 10-X my results and drastically reduce the amount of time I spend (and waste) on Pantydeal and I want that for you too!

For the price of one pair of panties you can receive this training.

This is super awesome value given that I know for a fact, if you implement what I teach in this training you will receive more sales and income than you’ve been receiving.

Implement these strategies and you WILL make sales.

Sales isn’t that hard, once you know what to do and APPLY it!


So if you feel ready, take this next step with me…


I can't say enough about your training! I went from having only a few sales to seeminly a star after taking your training! Literally overnight success and I believe it was based on your tip to show your face!Thank you!! Hi there! Just wanted to drop by and say I LOVE your podcast. I've only started about 2 weeks ago and it has been so helpful and informative in my journey! I just wanted to say your podcast is what made me decide to give this a proper go! I love your business woman approach. The content was so so useful as there isn't much material or guidance out there as to how to make into a proper business! Your advice was super good and made it much less daunting to get started. Omg I love your podcast, thank you for the follow, I've been listening to it all day xx I have learnt so much xx Thank you so much!! I haven't been through all of them yet but just the first 3 lessons have already completely changed my mind about my approach. You're amazing!
Once you sign up for the PantyDeal training you’ll be contacted by me to receive the audio and video training files straight to your email.

You’ll also have unlimited access to me to help you implement and work through the mindset and strategy shifts to help make you a successful global pantypreneur!

This isn’t complex and it’s available to all of us. Every single seller.

All I ask is that you are committed to making this work and to pushing yourself out of your comfort level to doing something different that will have big results for you financially.

You get in what you put out.

Let me help you by sharing what has worked for me and other sellers…

Let’s do this!

Hi, I found this site from your YouTube videos. I'd only ever been on Panty Trust before. You're YouTube videos are great! It's really interesting hearing what it's like from a panty sellers perspective. So I just thought I'd send you a message to say thanks! Morning Dalma! I'm new to the sellers before fellas group chat and the panty selling world and I've just started listening to your podcasts! They are so helpful and so well done so I just wanted to say a big thank you!I have to tell you in case you didn't see it in the group chat... I broke $1k just before I was active on the site for a whole month. Yay!!! I truly have you to thank for that success!! Just wanted to say you're doing a great job, you're very entertaining, inspiring and overall someone I'd gravitate towards in my real life. Thank you, again, so much for all you're doing for me, personally, as well as at the newer/veteran sellers! Thank you for the podcasts and KiK group. If I didn't have them I wouldn't have known what to do with that terrible customer. I'm in a really good place now because I had a support system and a place to learn.

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