Payment Options for Online Used Panty Sellers

If you’re selling your panties online, you NEED a way to accept payments from your customers.

Nothing drives a panty seller more to the brink of insanity than having to dream up new ways to accept payment.


Because most payment gateways DO NOT support adult work and that makes it increasingly difficult to receive money.

Do you want to know how many PayPal accounts I’ve had shut down?



And yes, my own stupid fault for using it knowing full well that that was the risk. I lost about $60 with the money that was in those accounts – STOLEN by PayPal for breaching their terms.


How do you accept international payments?

Well, there are a few options. Please read the links on my RESOURCES page for the full lowdown of options available.

Internationally speaking – that’s the focus of this blog post – you are pretty limited.

You can use PayPal but remove money straight away. Ask your customer to transfer using Friends and Family and ask them to REFRAIN from putting anything in the comments section.

That will not protect you.

If the customer decides he would quite like his money back, PayPal will side with him and your account will run negative (assuming you’ve taken the money out) and you will have a negative balance PayPal expect you to pay. Oh, and then they’ll shut you down.

And really, you can follow the above rules and still get shut down. They have ways and means of catching you and they will.

Trust me.

The second option is you operate a business front where you can accept payments

What do I mean?

I mean you have some kind of presence online selling dog biscuits or some shit and you accept payments via that store front, whether that’s eBay, Etsy or something else.

This takes a bit of effort and you have to remember that these kinds of sites will take their cut of your sales.

I recommend not advertising on these sites but merely using them as a gateway to receive payment.

Amazon Giftcard/online voucher is another option. Again, doesn’t suit everyone. You’ll also have to make sure that if your Amazon account is in the UK that your US buyer buys from the version of Amazon! And vice versa.

Bank transfer is another option.

You will have to divulge your bank account and sort code but you will not have to give your full name, initials will suffice.

This may not be to everyone’s liking but I do see sellers offering this.

Then there are merchants who are set up to specifically help adult workers. Praise the god these companies exist.

Indiebill is one of them.

I’m currently using indiebill to accept tips/tributes for my work and have yet to finish setting up for any digital content.

Again, they’ll take their cut but at least you can sleep safely at night knowing that the payment provider isn’t going to shut you down or rob you!

There will be new options coming out all the time (hopefully) but right now, these are my recommendations as the safer options.

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  1. Has anyone had any money returned from paypal when they have locked the account for 180 days? I didn’t take the money out and now it’s stuck in there for that amount of time


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