Payment Options for UK Used Panty Sellers

I received this question today from a UK panty seller who wants to know how she can receive payment for her used panties…

I’ve been listening to your podcasts on Youtube. I think they are excellent – so informative, clear and to the point. I want to go into the business of selling panties and I’m based in the UK. Can you recommend the best payment service for me? I know you loved Circle Pay but it seems it has been discontinued. Please could you give me some advice? I would so appreciate it.

Here’s my response…

Hey love, 
Thanks for reaching out. Yes, here’s probably what I’d suggest for you…
PayPal – yes, it’s not allowed and yes, it WILL be shut down in time. BUT it can be useful to have as an additional option. Set it up either with a fake name (you’ll hit a limit when they’ll ask you to upload ID to prove your identity – then you’re screwed) or your real name and upgrade to a business account (this is what the customer will see instead of your real name). I’m more inclined to suggest the second option although they’ll take a fee and you can’t send friends and family through business… Your choice. It’s risky as fuck but it’s still an option a lot of sellers are using. There’s also the chance that the person will dispute and say they didn’t receive and PayPal will ALWAYS side with them.
Amazon giftcard. Not ideal but if you buy a lot off Amazon – I do – then it’s a good option. If it’s an American buyer they need to buy vouchers or you have a .com voucher. Which is ok, but some things won’t post to the uk so be aware of that…
Bank transfer – not everyone wants to do this. It’s possible to just give initials and the bank details. Different sellers say that on the bank statement of the person they can maybe see your full name. (I recommend coming off facebook and making your instagram private if there’s any chance of someone finding you there – esp if you have a really unique name) BUT it’s an option.
Cashapp – some sellers say they’ve been shut down. With any app take out the money immediately – even before you send the product. This is NOT international.
Google pay – this is NOT international
Coinbase – if you can be arsed with bitcoin (I can’t).
Some platforms like Scented Pansy let the person pay with coins which you can then cash out through their bitsafe payment system.
Etsy – set up a fake etsy store. With fake items (not panties). Make it likely that nobody will stumble upon your store and buy but have the link to send your buyer and tell them what to buy. Etsy take a cut so you’d need to add that on or take the hit. Same with the Depop app. Again, not a good way to FIND customers but a good way to get customers to pay. Some customers do not want to download new apps though so keep it simple but have options.
Ebay – as above. Do not try and sell panties to strangers on ebay. You will get shut down. BUT if you choose to seel a random shitty item for £25 that nobody else will bid on then you’re good to go – again you run the risk of the PayPal chargeback.
Onlyfans – yes, this is a platform for sharing pics, but you can set one up to receive tips. It’s a great way to accept payment. You’re not allowed to sell tangible items but you can receive tips. You can choose to just upload the pics of your panties in there and they can tip the ones they want…
All My Links is another way to take payment but they fucked up and were using Stripe to pay out (not sex work friendly) so their payment and paid options are currently down at the moment. But it was super easy. Check back there in a few weeks.
Indiebill – another way to sell digital content but has a tribute page where people can send you a tribute ( you may then decide to sell them panties hint hint).
That’s about all I can think of right now.
If you had another online business you could use it to filter money through but this is risky.
Hope that helps!

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