What Pictures Do I Use To Advertise Worn Panties?

I received this question from a seller: 

I took photos of myself in my panties for sale today. Do I upload panties I’m wearing or just photos of the panties themselves for sale into my G Drive? Where do I load the photos of myself wearing panties? On PantyDeal as panties for sale? I’m so confused!!


Here’s my reply:
I take pictures of the panties laid out on a plain white backdrop and picture each one. I then upload them to my ‘Available Panties’ G Drive folder – that’s the folder I share when guys are wanting to buy. 
Then for my shop on a platform, I would upload pics of me wearing as the shop item pictures and also have an additional photo album of me wearing for them to peruse through. The available panties folder is really for when they are ready to see what I have because they’re already ‘sold’ on the pics of me wearing.
Now, it would be an idea to upload at least ten to fifteen items in your shop. If you want to use pics of you wearing or the individual panty laid out pic then that’s your choice. Or even a combination. Some guys expect to be able to browse through all your panties on your pantydeal shop. I never did that because that would mean uploading 70 pairs. Nobody has time for that. 
I would keep your shop item quite general as in ‘Dalma’s Thongs’, have a pic of you wearing a thong as the shop item and then in the description, say that you have A LOT of thongs and they can check them all out here tinyurl.com/PANTYCATALOGUE (example) 
Does that make sense? 
For me personally, I always use pics of me wearing to advertise across my platforms. A picture of a pair of panties laid on a bed is practically useless. It doesn’t entice your customer to see more. It’s like, clothes advertised on clothing websites are put on models and not just hanging up. So you can see what the person looks like wearing it and it helps you visualise.
Now, that’s the way I do it. You don’t have to do it that way but it’s the easiest way I found to do it and I’m all about making things easy for myself and my customers.
When you upload the pics to your drive, make sure to number them and be sure to delete them from your drive when they sell.

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