Pics That $ell

You know what it’s like in a sea of used panty sellers?

Everyone looks…kinda the same.

Same poses.

Same angles.

Same sameness.

And that’s totally fine. I mean, it still works. Sellers manage to capture the attention of their next buyer and the deal is done.

But we must also always think about our customers.

Buyers are endlessly scrolling looking for ‘just’ the right next seller for them. The one they’re going to click with.

And when there’s endless pics of the same things it’s pretty hard to stand out, right?

And that’s where my good panty sellers, you let your pics do the talking!

Here’s my number one top tip for your pics.


Perhaps you have a crazy idea in your head and you think, ‘Oh, I can’t possibly do THAT.’

THAT is precisely what you need to do.

Let’s take a look at a couple of mine – bear in mind you do NOT need to (and please don’t) copy mine. But you’ll get the drift.

Think about it like this…

When people want to SELL you things, they advertise. They run adverts.

Adverts are usually ALWAYS an image with some words.

The words are usually clear, concise, clever, funny or interesting.

It’s unlikely you’ll see any advert that doesn’t get some kind of message across and a lot will also have what’s called a call to action – a way for you to know what to do next.

Calls to action are more likely on adverts where the brand isn’t known.

So you wouldn’t get Nike advertising their website. It’s just a fucking given you know who Nike is.

But the new garden centre down the road will likely give you their phone number, facebook page or website. Or they might tell you something about a special deal they’re running.

Do you get what I’m trying to tell you here?

Your pics ARE your advert.

They should have good images.

They should have wording.

They should convey some kind of message and/or they should have a call to action.


Well, aren’t you in for a treat?

I’m putting together my latest training PICS THAT $ELL and it’s going to share with you exactly how I created stand out pics that helped me to sell more panties and products than you can shake a stick at.

It’s going to talk you through how to take great pics and how to use great wording to really stand out and make more sales.

We’re talking entire pic set up, what to do and what to absolutely no way ever, never to do.

How to create striking images.

Copywriting (fancy shmancy word for great wordage on your adverts)

Plus, I’ll walk you through my most impactful adverts and how you can recreate your own STAND OUT WOW imagery to use to capture the hearts and hardons of your potential customers.

Pics That $ell Training is set to come out 6th September but I’m running an early-bird pre-sale offer of half-price for those who KNOW this is for them.

You can sign up for the early bird (50% off) offer right here:

(click the image below to be taken to the Payhip page)


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