Platform Prowess

So maybe you’re already set up as a panty seller and you’ve got the hang of how it all works.

But maybe, you’d really like to know how to use the platforms in the best way possible to get more sales.

Well, don’t worry. I’ve made three hours of platform training just for you on the biggest and busiest sites.

It’s called Platform Prowess.

Pantydeal, censored and Scented Pansy are the three panty selling sites I recommend to all new panty sellers.

They’re the biggest and the best panty selling sites when it comes to helping you to access the people that want to buy your panties, bras and much more.

So watch me live on the sites, how I get set up and how I use them to the best of their functionality.

I walk you through all the nooks and crannies to use to find customers, how I vet them and how I create sales from legitimate customers.

Platform Prowess is the only training of its kind that shows you all three panty selling platforms from a seller who has used and made money from all of them.

I’ve tried almost every platform out there and I’ve chosen these platforms as the ones I think you need to know and navigate.

So check it out. Once you’ve purchased you’ll be added to my Member’s Area where you can access the trainings plus any updates, making sure you have the most up to date knowledge.

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  1. Is there an option to look into training for just ONE of those sites? I’m only on SP and would like to focus singularly as I learn and grow for bit.


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