$3K Selling Panties In Your First 30 Days?

I may not be popular for what I’m about to say but if you know me, you’ll know that I can’t keep my trap shut when it comes to things I care or are passionate about.

And well, there seems to be some kind of trend – most notable on TikTok one particular offender being Cajunventures – that selling panties is fun, glamorous and more importantly quick, easy money.

This is simply not true and I want to dispel the myths around panty selling being some kind of ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

Selling panties can be fun.

It’s also incredibly hard work.

It can be incredibly financially rewarding.

It’s also an intense working environment that will make you feel joyous then utterly despondent – sometimes within the same hour.

Selling panties and pics and videos IS sex work. It’s important that you’re able to understand exactly what that entails and the potential challenges that might bring to your own individual circumstances.

You won’t make $3,000 in your first 30 days. Sorry, that is a very, very rare outcome.

Can you make $3,000 in one month (selling more than just used worn items of course)?

Yes. Yes you can.

Does that mean YOU will?

No. No, it doesn’t.

I just made a YouTube video about this very topic, which I suggest you go and listen to.

Unfortunately there are entities out there that want you to believe selling worn items is quick, easy money because they profit from you believing that.

As always, rely on Dalma to be the voice of reason and to be one voice in the community that wants to just say “HOLD UP THERE! LET’S KEEP IT REAL.”

Because it’s not fair, it’s not ethical and it makes my job harder because I get message after message from women (pretty much every day) bemoaning the fact they haven’t made ONE SINGLE SOLITARY SALE in all the weeks they’ve been trying.

They don’t get it.

They get upset and unsurprisingly, the ones that have been hoodwinked by these nefarious ideologies that capitalise on the dire financial need of individuals on the internet.

It’s unethical to sell ‘guides’ on the back of what is a very rare (if true) possibility of making on average $100 a day for your first thirty days. It just hasn’t happened in all the time I’ve been talking with thousands of used panty sellers.

It sets people up to fail and that is NOT ok. Sorry, I feel strongly about this.

It’s important you do the work, are consistent and learn the ropes in a safe way where you aren’t expecting massive results and quickly. Do not trust ANYONE that tells you this work is quick and easy money. 

That has scam written all over it and with the young audience on TikTok this is very unsettling to me.

I have a responsibility to tell you how it really is, regardless of my selling you trainings on how to do it.

Platforms have a responsibility to be truthful and honest with you too. If they’re making outlandish claims or promises, then I’m going to call them out too.

So here I am, calling it as I see it and I hope that’s helped at least one person out there.

If you want my help, I’m here. But I will always give you honesty about this work. I will teach you what worked for me and the thousands of other sellers I’ve met through this work.

In good faith,

Dalma x




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