Receiving Tributes – Panty Selling

I discovered a way to receive tributes from your die-hard fans. 

It’s a site I found through a seller called Buy Me A Coffee

Basically, your biggest fans can err, send you money for a coffee! You get to decide how much a coffee is worth (it’s automatically set to $3 and that’s what I’ve kept it at). You also don’t have to buy a coffee. I mean, I love coffee as much as the next person but really, one’s my limit!

It’s a brilliant way for your fans to support your work and I’m using it for my fans (podcast and previous customers).

The even better news is that they can pay with PayPal – but not for sex work services, only for tributes to show support and admiration of your wonder and awe! 

Try it out… 


BUY ME A COFFEE to show your support of my work

I’m also using it to sell my book ‘How I Made $15,000 in One Year Selling My Used Panties‘, the backlog of Dalma’s Inner Circle posts AND my ‘7 Day Sales Challenge Workbook‘ if you’re looking to dig deeper on what it means to be a successful seller. 

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