Recession-Proof Your Biz

Yes, things are pretty bad. Unless you live in a cave (which would certainly be more affordable these days) you’ll know that inflation is high, things are rocky to say the least and prices are going up, up and up. What does this mean for your panty selling business?

Well, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that even though prices are going up, now is probably NOT the best time for you to start raising yours.

In times like these, you know, recession-y times, most people will be hoping that their favourite business (that’s you, by the way) is not about to start raising prices. Hopefully you’ve already heeded my advice on what to sell your used panties at so you weren’t low-balling to begin with. But those sellers, the $10 panty sellers, they are the ones who will be hit hardest and bottom out of the market – PUN!

You can ride the storm with your current pricing and if you happen to sell digital content or have a subscription site then your overheads and general cost of running your biz won’t go up all that much – unless you do niche content with expensive items like butter LOL.


The other bad news is that yes, things will quieten down on sites when it comes to cash-rich buyers ready to splurge. But weirdly, uncertain times can also force guys to do weird things like want to jerk off and orgasm. I guess that’s related to thinking the world is about to end and you have to spread your seed or something… 

Hard times (pun) can also drive a lot more potential sellers to a panty selling site. We saw that with the whole covid thing where tonnes of sellers thought they’d make a quick buck doing this super easy thing called selling worn panties. Wrong. 

So now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you with tales of no sales, what’s the good news?

Well, the good news is that this industry does tend to weather the storm of recessions better than other industries. Like I said, fetishes tend to be something that men are willing to pay for and enjoy no matter what because their sexual urges don’t go away. But it would be silly to suggest that these guys aren’t out there experiencing their own financial hardships. But generally, WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY!

You might decide to look at potential options to help them continue to follow and purchase from you without breaking their bank. At the start of covid I put some of my OF followers on to free membership to help soften the blow. I’m not suggesting for a moment you give things away for free but if you’re in the position where you have regular and loyal customers, what can you do for them?

Another idea if you want to recession-proof your business is to stop trying to sell to everyone.

Say what?

You heard.

I’ve talked about this so much on the podcast but if you niche down, like, really niche down, then you can access a community of buyers looking for very specific content that means you’re not trying to get everyone to buy from you. You can tailor your content and your message to appeal to select customers that you then call in (or locate) and sell directly to them.

How does this work?

Well, think of it this way. If there are 3000 sellers on a site like Pantydeal (actually nobody knows how many active sellers there are on Pantydeal, it’s a mystery NEVER to be solved), and 2950 of them are doing the same thing and targeting everyone with a generic porn approach, then you are competing with 2950 other sellers.

But if you stand out as the goth gal or the barbie doll or the cosplay cutie or if your content appeals to gamers or cbt guys or extreme cucks then all of a sudden you’re perhaps only competing with 5 or 10 other sellers. Does your potential market reduce? Sure. But in a smaller market you’re still only part of a smaller competition if you really NAIL YOUR NICHE.

Which leads us nicely to my mini training guide NAIL YOUR NICHE. This training is designed to help you hone in on not only what you could tailor your content to, but what you WANT TO DO. Because spoiler, that’s important if you’re going to pull this off – PUN!

For the whole of September you can get it for $10 off the original price at just $9.

It’s counter-intuitive to think about how choosing a niche can help you settle in to selling more but if you get it right, it makes everything in your business easier. You know what you sell and who you sell it to and you talk directly to THOSE customers.

For me, I chose to niche to the Gen X and Boomer generation. I only sold to those guys and I did it well.

Later, I moved in to three solid fetish niches on the I Want Clips site and had the best fun creating content for those guys and I did it well because I enjoyed it.

It’s time for you to get clarity on what you’re here to create AND have fun at the same time.

Get your guide here 



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