Review 1 Million Girls Onlyfans Zine

I first heard of 1MG (1 Million Girls) Onlyfans Management when they signed up to the SW Rolodex – in case you’ve been living in a cave, SW Rolodex is a freelance job engine for sex workers. I had a quick look on their site and the first thing that struck me was how professional, slick and sexy their brand was. 

Now of course, I offer Onlyfans training and so I’m always keen not to look at the ‘competition’ for my own sanity and because it clouds my creativity if I’m too involved in what other coaches and guides are offering.

Fast forward to last week I spotted that 1MG were promoting their Onlyfans Zine on Twitter. I messaged to let them know I thought that was cool and they very kindly sent me a copy of their latest Zine! 

So let’s talk about the 1MG Onlyfans Zine…

The 1MG Zine is a weekly online magazine for Onlyfans creators. It contains strategies to grow your Onlyfans account (based on data collected from the top sellers), scripts and templates to help you connect with your customers to sell your PPV content, captions across different social media including Redddit and Twitter for different niches, video scripts as well as additional content relevant to sex workers like articles on kinks and fetishes, toys, accessories and outfits!

Pretty cool, huh?  

I haven’t come across anything else like it that’s purely dedicated to Onlyfans creators.

I particularly like the ‘high intensity’ and ‘low intensity’ messages you can send depending on your own style and the captions. If you struggle with copywriting (the words to use to sell your products and services), then this is definitely for you!

I think the main thing that sellers struggle with is how to talk to their customers and how to SELL to them. It seems a lot of content creators can make great content but when it comes to selling it and communicating with customers who – let’s face it – are receiving multiple messages per day, they’re not sure what to say or how to say it.

There are also messages to send depending on what time of day it is! How to bait, how to target and messages to send to ensure your customer sticks around month after month.

They’ve really thought of everything!

That’s the biggest plus of the Zine in my opinion – it contains ‘done for you’ scripts and templates to help you discover your own style and voice in learning what words to use that are more likely to sell your products.

The Zine comes out every week and costs $20 a month – price is set to rise to $30 a month! You can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can sign up to receive the Zine here

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