Scented Pansy Review – Panty Selling Platforms Reviewed!

Perhaps you’ve seen my videos on YouTube reviewing some of the major panty selling platforms?

Yep, I’ve joined ’em all. I wanted to experience each for myself so that when I get asked which ones I recommend, I’d be able to do that from a place of really knowing what I’m talking about.

So here we are.

I’ve been on Scented Pansy for a few months now and here’s my review.

Whilst not the biggest panty selling platform, Scented Pansy is certainly one of the best in my opinion.

The site has all the functionality you’d expect of a major player in the panty selling market. It’s super easy to use and has a really nice vibe about i.

What I especially love about the site is the Puddin’ magazine: a selection of articles written by the sellers themselves. This was what first attracted me to the site the first time I checked it out. Not only are there a lot of incredibly useful articles about panty selling, but there is real engagement from buyers and sellers on each one, proving that the site has a good community culture.

There is a very good support team who are responsive to queries and concerns from members. I’ve only ever had a truly positive experience when speaking with admin or Scented Pansy employees and this is what you’d expect from a platform that truly cares about its members!

Another plus side is the review system. I’ve yet to see a more comprehensive and well-thought out review process than that offered by Scented Pansy. It’s easy to fall prey to revenge reviews when the system isn’t in place to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Next up in my review of Scented Pansy we have the coin system. Premium sellers receive 10 coins per month. Coins can be used to boost listings, sent to other members or paid out in cold hard cash. They are currently working on a system to receive payment via the site for digital content – this would certainly reduce the risk of scamming that unfortunately exists. From this and with their complete guide to getting started selling, you can really tell that Scented Pansy are looking to enhance the user experience for buyers and sellers alike.

The site is really well laid out with great functionality. It’s also a cheaper monthly subscription than a lot of other platforms!

Overall, I haven’t got a bad word to say about Scented Pansy. I’d love to have them on the podcast at some point to hear more about them.

​Check them out for yourself and see what you think!

Scented Pansy

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2 thoughts on “Scented Pansy Review – Panty Selling Platforms Reviewed!”

  1. I’ve been on SP for almost 2 months now, I haven’t sold ANYTHING. This month I barely even check it because it seems so dead, and there’s no engagement. I agree with you about the layout and the platform itself, but I’m honestly super disappointed. I transferred to All Things Worn, while it’s still slow for sales, at least there’s interactions happening and it’s fun to be there. Really appreciated this blog!

    • Yes, engagement is what makes a site fun to hang out on and make sales. For me, it’s not really possible to make sales without engaging. Otherwise you’re just listing and not really doing anything. I know that SP is going through some changes so I expect things to pick up next year. Thanks for commenting and good luck with your sales. If you want to join the discord group check out the Sellers Before Fellas group x

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