Introducing the brand new Panty Selling School SCHOLARSHIP program…

Helping the sex workers who need help to access information to make sales.

The scholarship application allows you to select which training program you’d like to receive. 

All training programs are available with the exception of Dalma’s Inner Circle and Stellar Seller.

Rules of application:

One training program per applicant. You may submit an additional application after three months of a successful scholarship. If your scholarship application was not successful on the first attempt, you may attempt after a period of four weeks. 

All applications will be assessed on individual merit based on answers to the application questions.

Dalma’s choice is final. 

All applications will be considered on the 1st of the month and awarded that day. All successful applicants will receive access to their training on the 1st of the month. Deadlines for applications each month are 25th of the month.


To apply:

Send your answers to the following questions to


What should I call you?

Please send a social media handle for me to take a look (not shared with anyone).

Tell me a bit about yourself.

What sites/platforms are you currently selling on or hoping to sell on?

Which training program would you like to apply for?

Why do you think you deserve the scholarship program?

What do you most need help with? (This may mean a different training program is gifted to you.)

What are your long-term goals for the next 6-12 months?

What is your favourite song?

What else would you like to contribute to your application?