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Whevenever I ask sellers what they want help with the most, the answer is always the same. 
Help me make more sales. 
So let’s talk about sales, shall we? (Even though there are certainly bigger fish to fry by way of your mindset but we’ll leave that for another day.) 
First thing’s first.  
Easiest way to get more sales is to not try and get new customers. 
Say what? 
Yes, finding new customers is hard. It costs companies a lot more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. 
That means you ought to be putting energy into retaining your current customers – enticing them to buy more from you – than trying to convert every Tom, Dick and Harry to buy from you.Think quality not quantity. 
If you found and treasured 50 customers per year who would spend anywhere between $100-$300 that’s $5000-$15,000 off the bat. 50 customers means 4 per month. 4 people isn’t really that much, is it? 
Treating each customer like your fucking PUPPY will generate more income with the least amount of effort. 
Understand it’s not the product they’re buying. I mean, it is but it’s also the EXPERIENCE. If your shop items are describing your panties or your number of pics/videos, then you’re selling the features and not the benefits. 
Another way to make more sales is to not try and sell to everyone. You can’t be everything to everyone. There’s no harm in choosing a niche or choosing a market. For me, I really only want to work with men over 40 – they are my IDEAL client. Have you spent time identifying yours? 
What is unique about you? Why should your customers buy from you? If you don’t know, how will they? How will you be able to articulate it if you haven’t figured it out? 
Offer something for free. Yep, you heard right. Visit any website on the internet these days and you’ll see something for free. Yes, they want your email address, but they also want to be able to demonstrate the value of their offer (hello, this newsletter) so that you’ll think about them in the future if you want to buy. Think of a way to use this strategy. I’ve done it myself and it works. 
Maximise your time. Stop titting about on things that aren’t generating a return. What has the most impact? That should be the first thing you do each day and the last thing before bed.  
Know when to cut your losses and quick. If something isn’t working, ditch it and try something else. You can’t flog a dead horse. 
Equally, know that building a business takes time and a lot of the time in the beginning you think you’re talking to nobody and living in an echo chamber. It takes time to prove you’re not some fly-by-night. 
Know, like and trust. Concentrate on building these three things EVERY DAY. Build reviews and use them to advertise. 
Be yourself. Be different. Different is good.  
Make it as simple as possible for your customers to buy from you. See things from their perspective. 
Provide as many payment options as you can. 
Your images are VERY important. Yes, amateur vibe is good but men buy visually. That doesn’t mean show them everything before they pay!!! Chances are they won’t if they’ve already seen it all. 
Have three options, using psychology, people will opt for the mid-tier option. 
But don’t have TOO MANY OPTIONS (see make it simple above). 
Maintain excellent customer service even after delivery of their purchase. 
Don’t get attached. You have to learn to drop the sale that didn’t happen super quick. Plenty more in the sea. There’s nothing worse than desperation. Don’t fucking chase! Learn to let go quickly and move on. 
Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. Don’t think you shouldn’t be in it for the money. You’re a fucking SALES PERSON. 
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