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Pics That $ell

Your ONLY Resource For Creating Kick-ass Pics For Panty Selling


Here’s the thing:

Panty sellers pics all look kinda…the same.

Same poses.

Same angles.

Same sameness. 

Truth: If you want to make sales, you have to stand out. If you want to stand out, there’s literally NO better way than creating Pics That $ell.

I’ll be honest with you, I would rather watch paint dry than learn how to ‘do’ photography.

My superhero power is creative adverts that stand out and get attention. It’s also how to come up with ideas to really get attention and ‘connect’ with your ideal customer.

But I’m delighted to share with you probably one of the best most useful and impactful trainings I’ve ever created.


Pics That $ell – your only resource for taking kick-ass pics to up your game and your income!

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What’s Included?

This training is split into three key areas:

  1. Theory & Branding – to get you crystal clear on your brand identity and how to use it in your advertising (and everything you do). This is the key missing piece that most sellers aren’t using!
  2. How-To – Simple Hacks, Tweaks and Know-How. Using only your smartphone, uncover exactly where you’re going wrong and how to use simple techniques to drastically up your photography game.
  3. Strategy – How to use your pics to create knock-out adverts that really stand out.


Here’s the full content list:



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This is a detailed training course that breaks everything down for you and includes full video tutorials talking you through the theory, know-how and strategies necessary to take your pics from sub-standard to WOW!

Pics That $ell has regular tasks for you to really live and breathe your new understanding and I share with you my best tips for creating advertising that really speaks to the heart and soul of your customer.

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Believe me, I see plenty panty sellers making the same mistakes with their pics and the tricks they’re missing by not using some of the most basic selling techniques and strategies.

I’ve made sure to cover all bases so whether you think your photography skills need some help or you’re hitting a brick wall trying to create stand-out adverts that get attention, this is for you.


Let Me Tell You What’s Inside The Pics That $ell Training

Why Your Pics Really Matter & Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make With Their Pics

Let’s Get Clear On Your Brand

The Know-How Needed To Take Great Pics (For Absolute Beginners)

The Equipment You Need

Postures, Poses and Angles That Have The Most Impact

Video Trainings & Tutorials

Strategies And Hacks To Create Amazing Adverts That Grab Attention

How To Copywrite Your Adverts and Offers

My Personal Copywriting Swipe File

Video Training On How I Created A Selection Of My Best Adverts

How To Regularly Come Up With Creative Ideas


If you’re ready, you can download the 79 page PDF Document & Video Trainings NOW!

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Refund Policy: Due to the automatic download of the PDF Guide no refunds are accepted. However, if you need feedback or help, email Dalma at