Sellers Before Fellas

It wasn’t very long after I started out on Pantydeal that I realised I felt so…alone!

I was figuring out everything as I went and I had nobody to ask for advice or help.

I made mistakes.

And I had a terrible experience with a ‘buyer’ that left me in a full-scale panic attack. Seriously.

It wasn’t long after that that I realised that if I was going to continue in this work I needed a community. Stat!

And so I decided I was going to start my own and the name just popped into my head Sellers Before Fellas.

I know, right? So perfect.

And so that was the beginning. I advertised on Pantydeal that I had created this group and before I know it, I had three KIK groups on the go.

After the news that KIK was disappearing (it didn’t), I moved it to a Discord server. And the rest is history.

Now, the turnover rate of sellers is pretty high. Not all sellers I started out with are still selling. And not everyone is active all the time.

But it’s nice to know you have a home where you can talk to other sellers, ask questions, get advice and gain support.

We have lots of different threads (like chat rooms) exploring all different topics that you’d expect in a sellers group. But I like to think we have something a little extra.

My guidelines for the group are firm but fair. I won’t tolerate any bullshit, put it that way.

It’s an uplifting community and we have a lot of positive threads where we can share our goals and celebrate our successes.

My group is like my baby. It’s very important to me and I only want to attract high-vibe, drama-free, badass women who are looking for some community and connection in what can be an otherwise isolating and sometimes hard-going industry.

So if that’s you, and you want to join, follow this link to join this 300+ strong seller community

I look forward to hearing from you x


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