How To Get Back In To Selling After A Break

I know the biggest challenge for a lot of us after this whole pandemic thing is over is going to be getting back on the horse and motivating yourself to get back in to selling.

We can all attest to the fact that after a holiday be it Summer or Christmas, it’s really hard to get back in to selling when you’re out of the zone.

So how do you overcome that?

Well, first of all you need to REMIND your brain about why you’re doing this. 

What are the major pros of this work for you?

Remind yourself of your biggest pay days and your easiest orders. Remind yourself of your best customers and how happy they were with your product or service.

OK, now we have the appropriate backdrop.

Next up, you want to put your running shoes on.

No, I haven’t lost the plot.

Hear me out.

I read about this online so it must be true.

In order to get people motivated to run 10K from absolutely point zero, participants in this study were encouraged for the first few days to just put their running shoes on. That’s it. 

Because slow and steady wins the race. Pun!

The simple fact of putting their running shoes on and taking them off again for the first few days got their brains used to the idea that they were now changing their identity into becoming runners.

That made them more likely to participate in the running in the days and weeks to come. Scientifically proven to be the most effective way for them to stick at the running over the long term.

So how can we use this?

Well, what’s the equivalent of your running shoes?

If you’re a panty seller on a platform, it’ll be logging in to the platform and reposting some of your content.

Or posting just one thing and logging out again.

Or reaching to just one buyer today.



Just do the bare minimum for the first few days rather than expecting to be able to run a fucking 10K with no training for the past few weeks.

Just put your shoes on.

Ease yourself back in.

Give yourself 7-10 days to get back into the grind. Don’t expect overnight motivation to just spring up.

However long it took you to fall out of the way, it’s not going to just all snap back to normality the day you decide you ‘NEED’ to get back into it. 

Write down a list of absolute fucking minimum things you need to do for your business each day.

Tick off the ones that bring you the most joy – makes sense to do them first.

And then do the bare minimum for the first week.

Gradually build up until you find your momentum is pulling your forward – as well as some sales!

Run a special offer to help make things happen.

Collaborate with another seller.

Reinvent yourself.

Redo all your shop adverts with new pictures and offers.

Help to promote other sellers or just help them in general. This can help get your mindset back in to being a top seller.

Reach out to past customers and send them a new sexy pic to entice them.

Set up an Onlyfans page and create an additional source of income.

Invest in a course to uplevel your game.

DECIDE. Yes, fucking decide that now is the time and you’re going to slay. 

Journal your way out of your bullshit beliefs that tell you you can’t. 

You can and you WILL be a top panty seller or adult content creator. Don’t expect the moon on a stick straight off the bat. Think about the long-term view.

Let’s do this!


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