Selling My Underwear – He Can’t Afford Me!

How many times have you been told as a panty seller that you’re too expensive?

How many times have you been told by a man that he can get cheaper panties elsewhere?

I know that it’s happened to me a number of times and here’s how I handle it.

First of all, I used to worry. I made my panties super cheap in an attempt to appease and generate the sales.


I’m going to leave talking about why reducing your prices to entice the sales is a bad idea another day but for now, that’s how I approached it.

I internalised (albeit very briefly) “I’m too expensive.” And what does that translate to?

“I’m not worthy… I’m not worthy of this amount… I’m not good enough”

And that, that shit is going to KILL YOUR BUSINESS.

But here’s the happy ending. Another seller contacted me and gave me the confidence I needed to know and charge MORE.

And it was the best thing that happened to my business. When I upped my prices I GOT MORE SALES. Weird, huh?

But here’s why….

Because when YOU believe that you are worth it and your product is valuable and YOU are valuable….



And also, there’s this famous quote that always comes to mind now when I’m told that I’m too expensive.

“It’s not that I’m too expensive, it’s that you can’t afford me.”

I’m not suggesting you reply with that quote – because who needs that drama – but it’s something for you to keep in mind.

What you are selling is GOLD.

Sure, there are thousands of women selling panties online and at all different price points.

But what is YOUR price point? What is going to make you feel compensated? What amount is going to bring you joy when you wear for someone? When you sell to someone?

Because if you feel that joy and happiness when you provide your product, EVERYONE wins. You get to feel good and you bring that energy to your work and your clients!!

Sure, you could sell cheap. But then you feel cheap and your customer gets a lesser service.

Who wants that?

I could talk about this all day but today I want to leave you with this…

Believe you are worth it.
If it’s not him (or her), it’s someone else. Thank you, next.
Your clients who CAN afford you are out there.
Your clients pay.
Don’t spend time and energy on the cheap guys.
Take action from that place and you will succeed!

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