Selling Panties And Self Confidence

So here’s the thing…

When you’re in the selling used panties game, you’re going to start out (and continue to) look at what other women are doing.

What are they selling?

How are they selling it?

What prices do they charge?

All totally normal.

Whether you’re on a panty selling platform or doing your thing on social media you will come across other sellers and be curious (and perhaps even envious) of how they do.

But here’s what can (and probably will) happen.

You will compare yourself.

You make up stories in your head about how other women are better at this than you.

They’re thinner.

Or younger.

Or curvier.

Or funnier.

Or have better panties.

Or have better videos.

Or are just fucking better than you in some way.

And by that token, you’re not good enough.

And this is where it gets dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s the case with every single social media channel out there. We compare and we judge, That’s kinda what humans do.

But we can’t, I repeat, can’t, let it affect our self-esteem.

Because our self-esteem and our self-confidence IS our business.

It’s what sells.

If you don’t think you are good enough then that energy will come across to your clients.

So what can you do?

First off, know that even the woman you are comparing yourself to who you think is whatever compared to you, is ALSO comparing herself. Maybe even to you.

Second, know and believe with every fibre of your being that there are customers out there looking for YOU. Exactly you. Exactly as you are. They are fucking looking for your type, your age, your size and your everything.

Third, just don’t work on those days. I know maybe that’s a coming from a privileged place but hear me out. If you work on the days you feel ‘less than’ or ‘not enough’ and you interact with potential customers, it’s possible your energy is low and not on point. That’s future revenue potentially down the drain.

If you leave it one day or even a few, sure, you won’t make sales that day but you also won’t hamper the potential. Leave it, respond later. Communicate later, when your energy is back up.

Fourth, remind yourself of the sales you HAVE made. Those customers saw something in you that plenty, plenty more will too.

Fifth, own your niche. If you’re older, own that. If you’re curvier, own that. Make that your ‘thing’, your ‘specialty’. Play to your strengths!

Finally, ask yourself whether what you believe is ultimately true.

Is it ultimately true that someone your age can’t make sales?

No. How do we know? Because older women are KILLING it selling panties.

Is it ultimately true that someone your size can’t make sales?

No. How do we know? Because women of all sizes and shapes are making money selling used panties.

So do that mental exercise and get yourself in a place where you don’t believe your own bullshit – or even other people’s bullshit!!

Instead of wasting your energy on that, why not focus instead on what you DO need (and what you do have). The topic of which is Episode 2 of the Podcast, coming out this Monday x

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