Selling Panties Online – Are You Using Your Time Effectively?

​I talked about this subject in yesterday’s podcast – have you listened yet? If not, here are the links.

If you’ve been following along you will know that I took the Summer off selling. Sure, I made sales here and there but I did no concerted effort towards making sales.

I took a back seat.

So this week was officially my first week back at work after Summer break.

I made the effort to take new pics, to update my available panties folder and to make contact with previous customers.

And I made some sales, which was nice.

But here’s what else happened.

I sent a message out to my panty sisters (are you signed up to receive messages from me? If not, here’s the link) asking whether anyone had stopped selling, and if so, why?

I received a response from one seller who explained that she had taken a big step back after realising that she was spending ALL her time online selling. She felt overwhelmed and over-worked and didn’t want to spend so much time hustling.

I could relate.

Can you?

Because the truth is, if you want to hustle and make sales then you’ve got to put in the work. A lot of work.

And a lot of work means a lot of time.

Or does it?

What if there was a way to utilise the time you have more effectively?

Not all of us have the opportunity to sell all day but a lot of us do. And we spend our times flitting from KIK to platform to Instagram to Reddit to our sellers group to…

And on and on it goes and it gets tiring and it gets you busy but not necessarily effective.

So I came up with a strategy that works for me personally.

That utilises the time I have put aside – not the time I have, because I have a lot of time I can be doing this – most effectively.

And I’ve worked out, using Pareto’s Law*, how best to use that time to make sales.

Now, does that mean that if I’m not using more time to sell that I’m not making as many sales?


But the truth is I want to decide how much time I put into this and aim to not get carried away checking messages and posting items over and over.

Because if we don’t reign it in we’ll become exhausted and we’ll burn out.

I plan on sharing how this is going after I’ve been doing it for at least one week and also in the forthcoming podcast so stay tuned!

* Pareto’s Law states that you get 80% of your results from 20% or your actions. Work out what the 20% is and focus on that.

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