Selling Panties Online? People Buy From People

If you’re selling your used underwear online, you should know that people buy from people.

I know, cliche as fuck but it’s true and never more so than in the world of selling panties online.

Here’s why:

Customers aren’t buying panties.

I mean, they are, but they aren’t.

They’re buying YOU wearing the panties.

For that reason it’s important that they get to know you. The real you.

Now, when I say the REAL you, I don’t mean the REAL REAL you. Is everyone still with me? I fear having a coffee before writing this post may not have been the best idea 🙂

I don’t mean tell them everything about you, lock, stock and barrel.

I mean give them a flavour of you and who you are and how you rock and roll.

Because they need that in order to feel a connection and desire to have your intimate belongings.

If a guy is crazy about your energy and your vibe (and I’m not talking vibrator here…although maybe…!!) then he can’t NOT buy from you.

Because you’ve sold him.

Not on the panties.

Not on the number of days or what you’re willing to do in them.

Not on the fucking price.

But on you.

You’ve sold him on YOU.

And he wants that.

He wants your energy.

Your enthusiasm.

What you’re all about.

So please, don’t be a carbon copy of everyone else.

Don’t follow the cookie-cutter approach to how you convey who you are and what you’re all about in your profiles online or your social media.

Dare to bring you into the picture.

Dare to add you into the panties.

Dare to allow some level of transparency about you into the mix in order to create that attraction.

Now, in order to attract you must also repel.

You must repel guys. Haha, there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d say when it comes to selling panties online.

But in truth, you must.

I repel mother-fuckers all the live long day.


Because I don’t want them to buy from me.

I want my FUCK YES! guys to buy.

Because those are the ones I want to sell to.

Those are the ones I want to be all in a fucking tizz because they can’t get enough of my wares (taking into account they can’t buy all the things all the time).


That’s what I’m all about.

The ones that feel pretty meh! about me are NOT my target audience.

The ones who think I’m funny (because I definitely am funny) ARE the ones I want to chat to, and ultimately sell to.

The ones who like my vibe are the ones I want to chat to, and ultimately sell to.

So I mean it when I say people buy from people.

So how do we achieve that?

Be your fucking self – up to a point, of course, nobody is suggesting you share stories about your boss/kids/pregnant dog ok, there IS a limit.

Don’t fucking share your location, your place of work or ANY of that shit. Obviously.

But inject you, your personality and your overall vibe to your customers and let them be attracted or repelled.

If you can juggle chainsaws.
If you’re the yogi that can get her legs around her neck.
If you have a pet leech – true story!

Whatever the fuck.

Even if you think there is nothing interesting or curious about you – damn it, say that.

“Literally I am as vanilla as they come.”


If you are hot and horny all day every day, GREAT.

Be honest. Be in your integrity.

Because if you’re out of integrity it will come across in everything you do and you will REPEL all the people.

You are not out to attract every single guy to buy.

It defies the very laws of the Universe!

So go forth, and prosper.

Definitely I think I might drink more coffee before blogging hahaha.

Sidenote: this is my opinion. I am still learning just like you. I don’t have all the answers. This is my opinion. Feel free to do you any way you see fit. WHATEVER FUCKING WORKS, BABY!!


I have started to share my sales after each blog post for accountability and transparency.

Yesterday I sold my G Drive for $75. That’s it, Quite happy with that…

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