Selling Panties Online – The Elusive Review

I received this question yesterday and I think it’s such a valuable one I wanted to share my response with everyone…

Your sales techniques have really helped me, I’ve made about 20 sales in my first month, BUT, I only have 7 reviews. I have left reviews on the buyers, but not been given one in return. I delete the reviews after they don’t review me, but before I do that I ask if there was anything wrong with their order to not give me a review? Almost always left on read, it’s kinda starting to make me feel like the content I’m selling isn’t up to par. Is it me?

Isn’t this the best question ever?

So the reason I wanted to talk about this is because it comes up a lot in the Kik groups.

Reviews are fucking golden for sellers – they are what conveys to the world that we are legitimate sellers and provide social proof that we are worthwhile investments for other potential customers.

I’ve spoken before how the important reviews are, they can make your business.

Right now I have 76 reviews. Amazing, right? But when I first started there were guys who didn’t review me too.

And it was so annoying. I NEEDED the reviews – or so I thought. I made a point not to ask more than two times but sometimes I did and it felt rubbish, almost as if I was begging for the validation.

And sure, there were a couple of guys who didn’t leave reviews and I felt TOO SCARED to message them and ask the, One for a video that I assumed the guy must’ve hated (it wasn’t in my zone of genius) and another who lived in Australia and I worried the panties hadn’t arrived and I’d have to refund.

FEAR stopped me from asking because I was scared of what the reply might be.

And I was scared of the rejection.

I reasoned to myself that if a guy hadn’t left a review then I should just leave it. Because heaven forbid I persuaded him to review me and he left a shit review!!

So now, when I send the item, I ask that if they are happy with their purchase that they leave me a review and I will do the same for them. I never leave a review until they have left me one. Unless they’ve been absolutely GORGEOUS and asked me leave them one straight away (waiting for panties still) – and most of my clients thankfully are.

But the thing is, buyers just aren’t as reliant on the system as we are. And that sucks.

I know you’re going to hate me for saying this but here’s the truth:

There comes a point where you have to just let go of the fact that NOT ALL GUYS WILL REVIEW YOU. For whatever fucking reason. Laziness, apathy or yes, not 100% happy with the product – we’ll get to that in a minute.

So I have 76 reviews. If every single guy reviewed me I’d be well over 100 by now. But here’s the important thing. When I was at less than 10 reviews, that no-review thing REALLY fucked me off. Because I had fathomed in my head that that was holding me back. Stopping me. A negative. I SHOULD have more reviews!!!

But here we are months down the line and it doesn’t matter anymore. Sure, I want to know that the person was happy. Sure I love it when that number of reviews goes up because it’s like another tap on the back or VALIDATION. But has it stopped me that those guys never reviewed me?

Has it fuck.

I kept going.

More content. More effort and energy. More sales. More reviews.

What I’m saying is KEEP PLUGGING ON.

Think about how that energy you are WASTING on worrying about the fact you have 7 reviews when it could be 8 is COSTING you!! Divert that energy in to creating more happy customers.

Because the numbers will go up.


How do I know?

Because mine did.

You have to let go of the URGENCY and the ATTACHMENT to getting a review every single time you purchased.

I mean, I imagine it’s the same for people who sell on Amazon. They wish more people would review them. But you can’t let it get to you. You have to remind yourself that you WILL get more reviews if you keep your energy and your focus up.

So let’s touch on the all-important and super SCARY – DID THEY EVEN LIKE IT??

Here’s what I think…

Is there a chance your product (whatever it is) wasn’t up to their expectations?

Yes. Yes, that’s possible. I’m sure that has been the case for me.

You can’t please everyone all the time – but you can sure as hell try your best.

I didn’t go to custom video making school. I didn’t take night classes in panty wearing. I’m learning as I go along, same as everyone else. I don’t profess to be the best but I try my best to create the best I can, in whatever that is.

It’s hard not to take it personally if someone says they didn’t like an aspect of your work and let’s face it, people can be pedantic, fussy and outright ill-mannered and abusive and unfortunately, you will experience that at some point in this business – I know I have. (Spoiler: being in a group of supportive sellers absolutely helps.)

Usually, someone will let you know if there was something they weren’t happy with. In that instance, if I think what they are saying is fair and legitimate I will offer as best customer service as I can and seek to compensate in some way. If they are being picky then you have to use your judgement and your people skills to manage that.

But in truth, do you want them leaving a review to say as much? Not really! Don’t get me wrong, transparency is an aspiration but when we don’t get a full five stars, it hurts! That’s why I wouldn’t chase and chase and would just ask myself whether I felt the order was top-notch.

Aspire to go over and above each time you create and ask politely for the review. If the person doesn’t review, then leave it.

Just keep going for making high-quality creations and satisfy YOURSELF that you are doing a good job.

If we only ever seek validation from outside ourselves it can be a tricky place to be.

Aim to do a good job each time and you can go to bed at night safe in the knowledge that you’re doing a good job. Like I’ve said before, they are buying YOU and your energy. You won’t be able to recreate porn videos that have $$$$s in budget and equipment anyway! 🙂

The bottom line is, there will be guys that just don’t bother their arse to review you. It’s not ultimately always a reflection on you and if that is your go-to first response, DO THE WORK on validating and convincing yourself that you and your work is of VALUE.

Because it is.

I hope that helps!

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