Selling Panties Online? You Need To Know This…

I’ve talked before about different options when it comes to selling your used underwear online.

First and foremost, there are panty selling platforms like Scented Pansy, Panty Deal, KB Bunnies etc.

There are also options like Reddit, Craigslist, Ebay and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

This morning I shared on The Panty Selling Podcast Instagram page the story of a seller who had made sales on Instagram and then woke up to a deleted account.

It’s common, I know there are hundreds of panty sellers who have their account shut down for violating terms.

But for this seller, the risk was greater because she had her purchase details stored in her DM. All the info about who bought what and their addresses, GONE. With no backup!!

Thankfully she was able to make contact with some through their payment method. But what if this wasn’t an option?


You MUST have a system.

As soon as an order comes in, don’t make the mistake of storing all the details on the platform! Because platforms can be glitchy, tech can shut down, bad things can and do happen.

For me, I prefer to resort to a written system.

Write down the customer’s name, their kik (or handle), what they ordered, when, how much they paid, any extras they asked for, when you have to send it and their address!

Keep everything written down.

Don’t get me wrong, I have learned this lesson the hard way!

I once had to scroll through 30 pages of messages to find an address that I wasn’t able to ask for again.

Sellers have accidentally deleted messages that held important details.

It happens.

If you want to be a professional panty seller you have to start acting like a professional and that means a comprehensive system for tracking sales.

Keep it all written down for future reference!

It pays to be organised with your panty selling 🙂


Scented Pansy

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