Selling Your Panties Online

How long have you been selling used panties for?

I started in June of 2019.


How did you find out about it?

I actually heard about PantyDeal on a Podcast called Other People’s Lives. They interviewed a woman who sold on the site and made something like $500 per year doing it (or something small, like enough to buy her kid’s Christmas gifts every year I think is what she said), and at the time I thought that was a decent amount of extra money to have. I had no idea how much more was possible. 


Where do you sell?

I am only selling on PantyDeal right now.


How many hours per day do you spend selling?

I have my profile open on my laptop or phone almost all day long, but I’d say I spend about 4 hours per day actively posting, talking to buyers, and creating content.


Why did you decide to sell panties online?

I’m a student and I was broke. Living in New York, it’s hard to survive without a side hustle or a rich relative… I had always been curious about sex work. I dabbled in some FinDom in the past with people I met on Tumblr (years ago, when Tumblr still had an R rated community) and I enjoyed it. So years later when I heard about PD on a podcast, I already knew I felt comfortable discussing sex, kinks, etc. So it seemed like an easy decision.


Do you sell additional items or just panties?

I sell panties, socks, bras, pics, videos, sexting and more. 


What do you enjoy about panty selling?

My favorite part is definitely the financial freedom it’s given me. But the open-mindedness and confidence it’s given me is a close second. I feel so in touch with my sexuality and my body now. There’s something very empowering about depending on your body, personality and sexuality to pay your bills. I feel proud and powerful.


What is challenging or difficult about panty selling?

In the beginning I would say it’s hard to get used to some disrespectful messages from “buyers” or people just lurking on the site trying to make sellers feel bad. At first that was hard, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. Now, as a more established seller, I’d say the most difficult part is staying organized and balancing PD with the rest of my life. I get about 6 orders per week for panties, usually including multiple days of wear. So I’m almost always booked out. Then I’d say I make about 10 custom videos per week, plus updating my Google Drive + XXX Snapchat, which is difficult when living with roommates. So making sure my buyers are happy and maintaining a work/life balance is difficult at this point. 


What’s your advice to someone just starting out?

Never, EVER send ANYTHING without receiving payment first. Use a fake name and address for postage. Don’t bother leaving negative reviews for someone unless they really screwed you over- it’s not worth risking getting a negative review in return.


What, in your opinion, does it take to be a successful panty seller?

Confidence is the #1 thing. Know your worth, know your product is quality, and sell with pride.


How much (on average) do you/have you made per week/month?

I make about $1,500 per month (USD) on PD. I’ve made about $11,000 total since June. 


Do your friends/family know about what you do?

My family does not know, but I have a few friends who know. I’ve definitely tried to share the wealth, as they say, and introduce some friends who were curious about PD to this world, but none have followed through or had much success. It’s definitely not for everyone. But yeah, a few people in my life do know what I do. 


How long do you think you will do this for?

My plan right now is to do this until I finish school, which is about another year or two, depending on my degree. But who knows, maybe I won’t be able to quit since the money is so good.


Kylie14 – PantyDeal username 

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