Selling Used Panties – How To Sell Your Used Panties

How long have you been selling used panties for? 

I’ve been selling since August of 2018! I took a break recently to deal with some familial trouble and to benefit my mental health, but I’m SO excited to be back to my favorite hobby! 


How did you find out about it? 

I won’t say who, but one of my family members was a very successful (and highly ranked!) seller on Scented Pansy. She told me about it in the strictest confidence, asking me to please not judge her. Judge her? Why would I judge her? She had just introduced me to the coolest job I had ever heard of!! It took a few weeks of thinking before I made my account, but wow I was hooked in the first week! 


Where do you sell? 

I sell predominantly on Scented Pansy! It’s where I started out, and where I’ve connected with too many lovely gentlemen to count. I could hardly imagine leaving that site, but I am thrilled to announce that I also have a presence on PornHub (as CarmenCrasiny), ManyVids (as CarmenCrasiny), and many NSFW Subreddits (as CarmensCloset). 


How many hours per day do you spend selling? 

I’ve picked up some speed in the last few weeks, so: I work on my various profiles for about 30-60 minutes when I wake up, then I go to work until 3:30pm. Recently, work has been slow, so I have been able to get a lot of stuff done on Scented Pansy while I’m there. I just have to be really sneaky! 😉 The other day I actually sneaked into the bathroom to take some nudes for a buyer! It was so exhilarating! Anyways, when I get home, I work for another stint of about 3-6 hours depending on what plans I have. I’ll chat with some men right before bed as well, so that’d be another 30 minutes or so. I suppose all in all that would mean I work for 4-7.5 hours per day! Wow, I’ve never actually added it up before. And that’s in addition to my full time position! Crazy! 


Why did you decide to sell panties online? 

It sounded so exciting! Logging into SP for the first time was like opening a door to a whole new world! I’ve always gotten off on being watched, so broadcasting my body across the internet just made sense, haha. The other part of it was that when I started SP I had just gotten my Bachelor’s of Social work and I was working a low-paying grocery store job. Truthfully, I was desperate for some extra income to make ends meet. Things have been a little tight recently as well, but I’m making it work, largely due to my wonderful regulars (thank you all so much; you know who you are!!).  


Do you sell additional items or just panties? 

Oh gosh! Panties, stockings/pantyhose/tights, socks, nudes, solo and couple videos, solo and couple Skype sessions, sexting, Girlfriend Experiences… You name it and I probably offer it! If it’s not on my site, all the buyers have to do is ask! Another thing that turns me on is fulfilling fantasies, so the dirtier the better! 


What do you enjoy about panty selling? 

Wow, I think I’ve already expressed what excites me… The thrill of sending nudes, the taboo of selling panties, the feeling of being someone’s object of desire… The list goes on. 


What is challenging or difficult about panty selling? 

There are a lot of challenges! Challenges that I don’t think most buyers even consider. Building a following on a panty selling site is incredibly hard work. It’s difficult to stand out among the crowd, especially at first. Once I built up my reputation, the hardest thing became just keeping up with posting regularly. My life can be crazy from time to time, and when it is, the first thing on my mind isn’t always my business (and yes, I consider it a business). I’m happy to say that I’m back to being fully active on my platforms! 


What’s your advice to someone just starting out? 

First off, come to me with your questions!! I love helping new sellers! Secondly, and it sounds obvious but – Start posting! Frequent posting of listings, status updates are essential early on. If you want people to notice you, you’ve got to be active on the site. I’d also say – Do your research before pricing anything! Don’t just guess about how much something is worth. I always open up 10+ comparable listings to find an average price, and then set my price with that information in mind. Lastly, I’d say – Treat buyers like the people they are. Ask them how their day was, what are they doing for the holidays, etc. Just regular conversation. Don’t talk to them all day, by any means (at least not for free), but let them get to know you a little. It’ll help build trust in your relationship, and it will keep them coming back for more! 


What, in your opinion, does it take to be a successful panty seller? 

Confidence, Open-mindedness, Determination, Drive, Sex Positivity, and Friendliness. 


Do your friends/family know about what you do? 

Well, the family member who introduced me to SP was the first person I told! My boyfriend knows everything and is extremely supportive of all my endeavours. He’s wonderful enough to be my photographer, videographer, and co-star! His name is Sasha Rosavich in my videos on Pornhub. My roommates also all know (there’s five of them; it’s a full house haha), but they are also my best friends, and I am grateful that they never once judged me for my chosen side hustles. 


How long do you think you will do this for? 

For the foreseeable future! I love it too much to stop! 


Carmen Crasiny (Carmen’s Closet) 

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