Selling Used Panties If You’re Over 40

I am 45 years old and have been selling panties and doing adult online work since 2016, so almost 4 years.
I sell panties and other goods like nylons, socks, and various bodily fluids, pretty much anything a buyer wants me to wear I’m open to. 
I have also filmed over 300 videos in the past 3  years. I still do a small number of cam shows and a lot of sexting. I actually started out just as a camgirl on chaturbate, but have found selling goods and clips has worked out to be much more profitable for me.
The pros of being an older seller I think is better self-confidence. I am also not as competitive with other women.
I don’t feel the need for drama and also don’t feel like I need as much acceptance from others. i am who I am and I am okay with that, which I would never have been able to say a few years ago.
Some challenges to being an older seller?
Not really any I can think of. Clients usually come for me and my services because I am an older seller! Most like the maturity I have, many have a mommy fantasy that they would like to explore, or desire a motherly looking body type.
If a guy is not into me and what I represent they just don’t come my way. That’s the best thing about this type of work there is really someone out there for everyone’s fantasy.
Advice for older sellers – don’t try to be young just be yourself, also have a twitter account! Don’t  let anyone talk trash to you and use your gut instinct. If it feels shady or like a scammer it probably is!
Advice for young sellers – same thing really. Be yourself, take advantage of your young natural body, use it like crazy to sell yourself, don’t get involved in drama and don’t take any shit from anyone.
It will save you some heartache!
I am known as Naughtynikki777

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