Selling Your Panties Online – What You Need To Know…

There was a conversation in my panty sellers group today from new sellers feeling despondent.

That’s quite common. We all have our days when we’re feeling frustrated and worry we’ll never make a sale.

Especially in the beginning.

The drop out rate for new sellers is HUGE. Not everyone can hack it.

In the beginning you’re dealing with time wasters and scumbags who want to take advantage of your newness. You’ll get scammed. You’ll get guys wanting pics and sexting for nothing. You’ll get all the shit of the day served to you on a big plate and you’ll tell yourself this isn’t for you.

But watch this because this is the best way I can describe this to you…


Hopefully this makes sense to you.

Sticking it out on the porch is the same as dealing with the timewasters and the uncertainty and figuring out what you’re doing and not making sales.

You stick it out on the porch.

You stay the course.

You show up day after day after day IF YOU ARE FUCKING SERIOUS about making this happen.

And then you pass the test.

You go through the rites of passage and you make the cut.

You learn a lot and very quickly.

You get burned a few times and you’re better for it.

You need to understand the porch analogy when it comes to panty selling.

YOU NEED THE FUCKING PORCH to make it in this business.

That’s the truth.

So if you’re new and you’re feeling despondent then sure, make a decision about whether you can devote the time, energy and effort it takes.

Decide whether your skin will be thick enough to withstand abuse.

And if so, wait it out on the porch and soon you’ll be in a much better place.

A place where you make sales, take no shit and you can spot a scam at a thousand paces. 

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