Selling Your Pubic Hair?

I recently participated in a conversation on All Things Worn regarding the sale of pubic hair. I forgot that this is “trimming season” for a lot of women.

Yes, there is a market for selling your pubic hair.

I have purchased pubic hair from 24 women over the years. In agricultural terms, it would be considered a cash crop 🙂

This is my experience in pricing as well as input from some of the sellers.

You can usually get more from your established buyers or if someone really wants it. If I see a panty listing and I notice pubic hair, the seller might quote me an extra $5 if I inquire about it. Or maybe offer to sell me some pics, which I also enjoy.

I recently purchased a small amount which was listed for $15. If the sellers was to include a pic taken before trimming, I would say $20. If the seller had a lot to trim, then an average price might be $25 – $30.

Including before and after pics would likely get you $35 – $40 for the lot.

I once paid a good seller $50 to make a close video clip of the trimming. She used my name throughout the clip which made it fun and personal.

If you have an abundance of hair and don’t trim it, you can run a comb through it and pack up the loose hairs.

I think trimmers get a longer length. With scissors sometimes there are a lot of tiny pieces.

Hair with the root still attached is enjoyable for me. 

In my opinion they should be packaged in wax paper or plain white paper. Keep in mind hair sticks to plastic!

When I receive and unpack them, I look at them and touch them. I like to see if they are coarse and rough or soft and silky. I always think of the woman that shared them. I do take them out from time to time to enjoy.

Sometimes they do have a scent but it is difficult to sniff them; too easy to inhale 🙂

Some women with established buyers will book a growth period by monthly intervals. So if a buyer wanted three months growth, a payment would be made for the time. A beginning pic would be taken plus one at the end of each month. You may be able to negotiate a price of $75 or more for that.

Pubic hair is like any collectible to me but the intimacy of it makes it special. Where I grew up, women in High School rarely shaved and only trimmed in the summer so I really am fond of it.

This is a guest blog post by Sniffwell


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