Selling Your Underwear? Here’s What Panty Buyers Look For

How long have you been buying panties for?

3 years.

Where do you buy from?

I started buying directly from strippers then moved on to buying on Instagram.

How often do you buy a new pair?

I buy a couple of pairs a month.

Do you buy additional items from panty sellers? If so, what?

No, only used panties.

What do you look for in a panty seller?

I want to see that they have been selling for some time. You are too likely to run into a scam if they don’t have some time in the business.

What turns you off from wanting to buy?

First and foremost, rude interaction. This is a fantasy experience. I want to have a seller who cares and has an understanding of the fetish. I am looking for assurance from the seller that they get what I am looking for. I want the seller to be just as excited about me buying, and if they only want the money and don’t want to understand why I am selecting them then I need to move on to someone else.

What advice would you give to a new seller?

Show your items on your body. If you have someone start to follow you send them a message. Respond to their comments on your posts. This is all for Instagram. I do not buy from websites most of the time. Offer to show them any item they want to see and engage in conversation. If a new seller takes the time to offer to talk to me I start wanting to buy.

What advice would you give to a new buyer?

Look for girls that have been doing this for a while. If they only have photos from the last month they may be a scam. A seller that has been around say, a year, is likely to be serious. Do they list their panties on sites like This is a legit site and sellers there are serious.

Do you think the market is saturated with sellers?


What does the future hold for panty selling online do you think?

We need to be more discrete in our listings and private in showing the buyer what the goods are when we are selling. When I am private messaging you that is the time to be risky with a photo. Just show the product in an Instagram safe photo on your site. Then when you are messaging privately be more adult if you want to show us something.

Any other comments you’d like to add…

We all need to be on the lookout for scammers. Post things you want to sell often. Keep making the fantasy happen for us buyers. Thank you to all the sellers for what you do. We could not have our fetish without you!

Thank You!

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