Selling Your Used Panties Online – Seller Interview

How long have you been selling used panties for?

I started selling in January of this year. Holy moly, I can’t believe it’s already been that long!

How did you find out about it?

I have the stereotypical ‘Orange is the New Black’ response. Though I’d seen that part of the show years before, that episode was the moment I realised this existed.

Where do you sell? 

The first site I signed up on was Sophia Gray and that’s where I made my first sale. I sold a pair of panties for $15. Ha! Then I discovered Snifffr, which is where I made a fellow seller friend who helped me understand the process and different aspects of the sites a bit more and got me a little more comfortable with the picture and video aspects of it as well.

I “poked” a buyer on Snifffr one day and that buyer ended up being a very experienced one who went out on a limb and worked with me despite my very few reviews or experience at the time. He has since become my most regular (and favorite) buyer as well as a close friend. I believe he first referenced Pantydeal to me and I came across another seller’s profile who mentioned being on there as well. I picked her brain about it and decided to give it a try. I’ve jumped on a couple other sites here and there in recent months such as KBBunnies and Scented Pansy but with my schedule, I’ve not devoted a ton of time or effort into those to see where they take me. Scented Pansy seems to be pretty promising, I just need to work on my shop since the sales go directly through the site in order for you to get reviews. 

How many hours per day do you spend selling? 

I work a full time job Monday – Thursday and am typically busy on the weekends, so I’m generally trying to work the panty gig while also doing other things. I go into work in the afternoon so I try to take my pictures/videos/chatting before getting ready for work. When I have downtime or need a distraction from work, I’ll check the sites and respond to messages. I typically check on everything again in the evenings when I get home. If I had to determine a time frame I might say a total of 2-4 hours a day.  


Why did you decide to sell panties online? 

It started as a joke between myself and my significant other but once I made my first sale and got on the more interactive sites I found myself enjoying the relational aspect of selling and everything that went into it. The money was motivating as well! 

Do you sell additional items or just panties? 

I offer photos and videos. Custom and premade. I have offered a girlfriend experience in the past as well as sexting sessions, but have found that my schedule can be difficult to make work for those “services”. I try to be up front with buyers before planning anything like that to make sure I’ll be able to fulfil their wants and needs.  


What do you enjoy about panty selling? 

While I never anticipated to, I have really come to enjoy the idea that someone can be so turned on by receiving my underwear, speaking with or watching me. It’s been an incredible confidence boost for me!  

I also enjoy socializing in general, so getting to know my buyers and what makes them tick is not only enjoyable for me, but it also helps me make everything more enjoyable for them!

Oh and of course, the money is awesome! 

I honestly enjoy having this dirty little secret that almost no one in my life knows about. I think is a healthy and creative outlet for me.  


What is challenging or difficult about panty selling? 

Time wasters, of course, for starters. The longer I’ve been doing this, the easier it is to filter through them from their initial contact, so I’ve become more confident in that. 

Finding time to focus on this is difficult for me given that I work a full time job while also trying to maintain a social/romantic life. 

Doing this anonymously can put me at a disadvantage for getting some sales because I don’t show my face. I can totally understand this being a preference for buyers, so I don’t linger on it too much, but I do offer my custom videos for a bit cheaper since it can diminish the experience a bit with me having my head chopped off. 😉 

For me, it’s been difficult to have to have the conversation with a buyer that I don’t think we’re a good fit. Essentially turning business away in some cases. I’m not going to provide something or do something if I don’t feel like it will be enjoyable at all for me or something I’m uncomfortable with. So I have no problem letting people know that they should find a different seller, but it is still a bummer when I have to! 


What’s your advice to someone just starting out? 

Don’t give up if you don’t make sales immediately!  

Make genuine connections. These are real people and want to be treated as such. You’re not going to get repeat buyers by taking their money and running or only speaking to them to try and sell something. They’re not stupid.  

Don’t make your focus competing with other sellers. Sellers can be some of the best people to connect with here and you’ll get much further supporting one another than competing or getting caught up in drama. Use each other to bounce ideas off of one another and refer each other to buyers! These girls can become wonderful friends and cheerleaders for you. This isn’t something my friends are aware that I do so it’s awesome to have girls I can actually talk about these things with as well.  

What, in your opinion, does it take to be a successful panty seller? 

I consider a successful panty seller to be one who leaves a lasting impression and creates a truly enjoyable experience for a buyer from start to finish. There are so many different types of people and personalities in this community, but what I’ve found to be consistent is that each person that’s making a purchase wants to feel like they matter and that the experience is enjoyable for us as well. You can find free porn and other content just about anywhere. But what I think makes this the choice for most is that they get to interact with the person providing the service. And the effort you put into them will not only make the experience more enjoyable for you, but will create a loyal and trusting relationship that will keep someone coming back for more.  

I also find that leaving a sense of mystery can create more curiosity for buyers. If you’re posting pictures of your hoo-ha on the live feed, what motivation does one have to purchase the content? Leave them with something to desire from you.  

How much (on average) do you/have you made per week/month? 

Oh, this is a tough one for me. Since my schedule is so wonky, my sales can vary. I’ve developed a small group of regular buyers who keep me with a steady $50-$100 every week or two, but if I’m not travelling on the weekends or insanely busy at work, I can take in anywhere from $50-$200 every week, if not more, just depending on the amount of time and effort I’m able to put into it.  


Do your friends/family know about what you do? 

Only two people on the planet from my personal life know that I do this. One of which, is my little sister. Which is why I love interacting with other sellers. It give me a chance to actually talk about all the wild things I’m doing, as well as positive and negative buyers and experiences.  

How long do you think you will do this for? 

I don’t really plan on stopping any time soon to be honest! I will say there are times when I get overwhelmed and need to take a break, but I always end up coming back.

Is there anything else you’d love to talk about or mention? 

I’d encourage anyone to reach out to me, whether you have questions or just want to chat! I’m always flattered to have new sellers or especially experienced sellers ask my opinion or advice on anything. 


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