Selling Your Used Underwear Online: What Does It Take To Be A Successful Panty Seller?

What do successful panty sellers do?

Everyone knows that one of the ways to build success in any given field is to look at what the most successful people in that industry do.

You know, like:

How do they spend their time?

What qualities do they have?

What’s their mindset?

And everything else.

The idea being that if you emulate said behaviours and skills or whatever, that you too can reach their heady levels of success.

So let’s have a look at how successful panty sellers spend their days…

Now, it’s fully my intention to have some interviewed on the blog but for today I’m going to go ahead and tell you what I’ve noticed so far.

In no particular order of importance…

They show up daily.

Now, I’ve already said that on days where your A GAME is sadly lacking that it’s probably better not to engage with prospective clients and potentially endanger the sale. This business is built on interaction and rapport. If you’re feeling shitty, chances are it will come across to the people you want to sell to. Not the best.


If you can somehow get yourself in the mood – however that works for you, music, getting yourself looking and feeling sexy etc. – then that will definitely help.

Showing up daily to interact and chat to customers will lead to more sales.

For sure. It’s a no brainer.

The successful panty sellers I see are the ones showing up consistently.

What else?

They spend their time wisely.

This is about using the time you have in an effective way.

If you’re on a panty selling platform, just constantly posting your products is not a good use of time. Prospecting (sales speak for finding customers) and communicating with ones who display buying behaviours is absolutely a much better use of your time.

Not everyone has all day to be panty selling so the time you do have has to 10x your results.

We’re talking about getting more bang for your buck in terms of how you’re spending your time.

Make it a habit of stopping and asking yourself whether what you’re doing is an income generating task.

Note to self, spending two hours on pic collage making that advert extra, extra pretty is wasting time. 😉

What else?

They believe that they are worthy.

They are not always ‘On Sale’ or running special offers. Don’t get me wrong, I use these techniques very sparingly when I feel like it but constantly sending out messages of being desperate or trying to sell cheap all the time is NOT a move that successful panty sellers make. At least, none that I know…

What else?

They possess self-worth in high doses. They believe, BELIEVE, that men will want what they offer and that the customers are endless.

They don’t get stuck in fear or scarcity mentality.

There are millions of buyers out there. Literally millions!! That kind of deep knowing comes across is all that they do and particularly to their customers.

Anything else?

They let the fuck go.

We all encounter arseholes. ALL OF US. The trick is to drop that shit quickly.

Literally thank you, next.

You get to learn a lot from these guys and it’ll help you in the future. Your intuition will sharpen and you’ll have less arseholes to deal with… Although… There’s always one to keep you on your toes.

But seriously, whatever arsehole has dampened your day, forget it and move on quickly. Don’t let it bring you down. Do what you got to do to make yourself feel better – and this is why a supportive group of women is literally the most important thing on the planet – and move on.

Have I missed any?

Let me know…

Til next time x

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