Should You Give Out Your KIK Name To Customers?

So, if you’re panty selling online on a panty selling website, chances are you’ve been asked for your KIK handle by a prospective customer. 

The question is, do you give it out?

This is a great question.

A lot of panty sellers will NOT give out their KIK name without someone having purchased from them first. 

Others will charge someone for their KIK name! Yes, really.

For me, I usually gauge it on a case by case basis.

If someone messages me on a platform and straight off the bat asks for my KIK, I say no, that it’s reserved for staying in touch with customers.

If however, I’ve been talking to someone and the conversation is going well and I think it may proceed to a sale down the line, then yes, I’ll give them my KIK so we can communicate more easily.

Really, if you do give out your KIK then you’re going to know in the first minute or so speaking to someone whether they are going to waste your time. Usually, this is if they go straight into sexy talk.

Now, if you offer sexting, then of course, this is an opportunity to up-sell a sexting session. However, you may find that they disappear as soon as they know you want pay for play!

The more you interact with guys, the more you’ll know whether they’re a time waster or not. Sometimes you can have a bit of conversation and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. 

For me, I make a decision about whether I want to force the conversation towards the subject of sale OR start to pull back my energy to being less responsive, possibly even responding purely with emojis.

This isn’t to be rude, but merely to send the message that I don’t have a lot of time for idle chit chat all the live long day every day! Just not going to happen!

I had a guy who kept messaging me randomly on KIK and it wouldn’t go anywhere. It was starting to become tiresome so I ended up asking if there was something I could help him with.

This is my stock question when I’m ready to steer the conversation. 

Sometimes guys are too shy to ask outright and are waiting for you to ask (yes, you’re doing them a disservice by not asking) and sometimes they don’t reply and that’s that.

I’m more inclined to say give out your KIK than withhold it to be honest. Because you never know where conversations can go and it’s always good to have communication with potential buyers.

But like I said, if they ask straight away, it’s normally a no – unless they had maybe a lot of reviews that led me to believe they just want to make a deal.

I hope that helps!


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