Should You Offer Free Shipping With Your Panties?

I received this message from a seller: 

I saw on your profile you do selling training and so I thought you might be the right seller to ask this. I know you probably sell your training so if you don’t want to answer or don’t have time please don’t worry about it, I wont be offended at all. 

But I noticed you offered free shipping anywhere in the world and the buyer just has to just pay for priority shipping . I know you are in the UK so I don’t know what shipping cost but the prices here are crazy. I am wondering if I should be packaging things different or ask for a different shipping option to get it cheaper. I can barely make a profit with the shipping cutting into it so bad. I feel bad but I have to ask buyers to cover their own shipping. Just wondering if you knew any way to make it cheaper or send it in a different kind of envelope to make it cheaper.

I pay about $5 for shipping here in the U.S. and it comes with tracking. The post office tell me with the envelopes I use that’s my only option and it comes with the tracking number any way. 


Here’s my reply: 

Hey love, thank you for your message.

I live in Spain and I’m really lucky because shipping is super cheap here. It’s like $2.5 to post panties to the USA. If I wanted to do it tracked it would be $10. Don’t feel bad about asking customers to cover shipping, you don’t feel bad when you pay for shipping buying things online, right? We all have to pay for shipping when we buy things online and mostly we only score free shipping on orders over $75, right? So don’t feel bad about that at all.

I don’t know what you charge for panties but I charge $30 and that covers shipping. I don’t think $5 is all that much, especially if that is tracked! I know Canadian sellers who pay around $16 to ship a normal pair. That is a lot!!!

If you can slightly up your panty price and offer free shipping then do that. If not, then continue to charge whatever you’re charging then add shipping. Or experiment with it for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference to your sales to offer free shipping and really promote that. I don’t know how many sellers are offering free shipping but I’d say a few do, and they work part of the price of postage (or all of the price) into the panty price.

Does that help? x


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