Should You Ship Panties Internationally?

Today we’re talking about shipping your used panties internationally. Should you aim for a bigger audience or stay right at home with your own country?

I received this message from a seller:

I am based in the [United] states and would prefer not to ship internationally. Which [panty selling] site would you recommend? Or tell me the pros of shipping internationally. 

Ok, let’s start with the second question first.

Do I think you should post your used panties abroad.

Yes, I do.


Because you are opening yourself up to a global audience for one.

More potential buyers just makes sense, right? It’s the reason the Internet has allowed ecommerce to become a trillion dollar industry.

You will be able to reach way more buyers and that can only be a good thing.

What’s more, online panty selling sites mean that these people are right are your door. You don’t even have to go looking for them. Once you’re registered, they’re easy to find. You can even search by country on some platforms.

Now, that said, you do of course want to know two things before we go further:

  1. Which countries you should not send panties to – restricted country information here
  2. The cost of posting your items to these countries 

I know that for Canadians, the cost of postage can be prohibitive. All sellers should know how much it costs to post (roughly) to:


The EU

Australia/New Zealand (and far flung places)

And either price your panties accordingly – i.e. include some (or all) of the postage price in the cost of your item and advertise FREE shipping worldwide (this is my approach) OR have a list of these postage costs on your profile or at least to hand to inform potential buyers.

It’s up to you how much you want to charge but knowing how much it costs to send a basic pair of panties to the above places (depending on where you are) is just good business sense.

For me, the cost of posting from Spain is super cheap compared to even the UK. So my prices can reflect a bit more flexibility than say, someone from Canada or Australia.

The thing is though, some buyers will not be interested if it’s too far away as it’s going to take too long to arrive. BUT equally, some buyers like the exotic panties from someone from a different nation. It’s horses for courses.

But really, I think the more options you have for buyers, the better. And there’s really no extra hassle to post something internationally. It just means that where you may have just been using stamps and post boxes up to now, you need to drop in to the post office to go through the process.

Worth it in my mind but completely your choice.

Now, as for the first part of the question. Which sites do I recommend?

Well, if you’re in the USA then really you have your pick. There are fewer sites that are just UK oriented but you’ll know from the site address. Visit my resources page for a list of sites you can sell on.

But to answer the question directly, Pantydeal, Scented Pansy, Snifffr tend to be predominantly US sellers and you can’t go wrong there. Sofia Gray is one I personally don’t recommend as they don’t have a way to contact buyers. Panty trust too is one I don’t recommend because of the negative experience dealing with them and their bureaucracy (it’s now owned by Pantydeal).¬†



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