Should You Stick To One Panty Selling Platform?

I got this message from a used panty seller: 

I’m debating on starting on two panty selling sites to begin with. I was looking at pantydeal then either Sofia Gray or Scented Pansy
I’m used to selling on traditional ecommerce such as ebay and mercari very little on etsy and basically never sell on Amazon anymore. This being a totally different market do most used panty buyers stick with one site or do they shop around? 
Here’s my reply:
When you’re just starting out I’d recommend one site to begin with. It’s best to wait until you are up and running on one site before moving on to a second. This allows you to find your feet and get to grips with how the whole panty selling thing works. It means you can also build some regular customers and not have to work as hard before you branch out to a second site.
Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Sofia Gray because there’s no way to reach out to buyers. You just sit back and wait for them to come to you so it’s not very proactive.
I’d likely suggest starting on Panty Deal as it’s the biggest and most popular site and then either Scented Pansy or censored.
Buyers do tend to stick to one site but the odd few will join them all for variety but don’t let that dictate. I’ve found some buyers on every site. Those are the real hardcore panty buyers.
I’d also suggest getting a profile up and running on Twitter as your second avenue to explore in the first instance alongside your primary panty selling site. 
Hope that helps! 

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