Do You Need To Show Face To Sell Panties Online?

Do you need to show your face if you sell panties online?

I received this question from a panty seller:

I’m so afraid to show my face since I am a Mom and have a job too…how did you decide? I like this job and think it is great, I just don’t want to hurt my family!

Ok, so let’s talk about showing face.

When I first got myself set up as a panty seller I was faced (pun) with the quandary about whether to show my face on my profile picture or not. It’s something we all have to decide when we get started.

I could see from the other sellers’ accounts that some showed their face as their profile photo and some didn’t. It seemed about a 40/60 split. At that time I started there was no way I was ready to out myself publicly as a panty seller so I opted for a photo that did not show my face to accompany my profile. Pictures of me in panties also did not show my face – they still don’t!

There’s a lot of debate over whether it makes a difference. I’m going to say that it definitely does. Probably less than a couple of months selling I made a decision to test things with a picture of my face as my profile picture. Just my profile picture, not my adverts of me in panties or any nude content.

I noticed straight away that I got a lot more interest. And the good thing was that it was just my profile picture, not sexy or nude content. I personally felt comfortable with this.

And that’s the key. You have to feel comfortable with what you create. Sometimes your boundaries may change, as mine did.

Whatever you do, as long as you’re ok with it that’s the main thing.

After I changed to my face as my profile picture, I made more sales. That’s the bottom line. And I know I’ve lost sales where I haven’t been prepared to sell nudes with my face shown purely because there are some buyers who only want to pay if they’re going to get to see your face.

It’s understandable, right? A lot of buyers are curious to see what you look like.


I know plenty of sellers who never show their face ever and make good income. I know of two in particular who are raking it in and they don’t show face at all, not even as a profile picture!

Some use masks and I think that is a really good compromise. Or, if you can take an artsy shot that covers your eyes but shows the rest of your face and some hair, that might also look pretty good. Masks are better because you have more freedom of expression whilst protecting your identity.

You can always test it for one day and see what difference it makes. Change your selling profile picture to just your face. Change it back afterwards and see. Most of this work is experimentation.

Most buyers understand that you need your privacy but some will not buy from you if they don’t have a face to put to the panties. Or, if you also sell additional digital content like pics and videos, it will be a deal-breaker for some buyers if your head is decapitated out of shot.

You can of course lightly blur your facial features. I use Snapseed to blur the edges of my face when it’s in shot in an arty shot of me wearing panties.

That’s my comfort level, because like you, I’m a Mum and it’s important to me to not have that content out there.

If you decide you are going to show face in your profile picture or on your profile in some way, please make sure you use a picture you haven’t used elsewhere on social media platforms.

Buyers are able to (and will) reverse image search your pictures and they can find you online. Clearly, we don’t want anyone finding you on Facebook and knowing where you live, your friends, your workplace etc.

I repeat, if you’re showing face, then don’t use pics that are elsewhere online that they can easily identify personal information about you.

I made this mistake and a buyer of mine (thankfully a nice one who I still sell to) found my images, knew everything about previous work I’d done online and much more.

It was very sobering and you need to be careful!

Also, a friend of mine turned out to be on Pantydeal (a male friend) and of course he instantly recognised me from my profile picture.

That was awkward.

It really shook me up and made me question just how much I was ready to be ‘outed’ in this profession.

There’s always a risk if you’re showing face that you’ll be found or recognised. You have to decide how you feel about that and have your story mapped out should it happen.

I had another friend find me through an Instagram account I created to sell. It didn’t show my face but as he’d been suggested me as I was on his contact list (thanks, Instagram!), he was able to tell it was me instantly from the images.

These are things you can’t necessarily predict. But hopefully me sharing them with you will show you what’s possible and you must take the steps necessary to protect yourself.

I did a whole podcast episode on ‘What’s the Worst That Could Happen’ (Episode 11) and that will help keep you on the right track in terms of protecting your identity and your safety online.

To sum up, I firmly believe that the sellers who show face somewhere are more successful than ones who don’t. But you can still make a lot of money and keep your identity firmly anonymous.

A mask will work well. Ultimately, it’s your decision but not showing your face will not mean that you can’t still earn very good money in this panty selling business! It’s just that showing it does tend to be more attractive to potential buyers.

Hope that helps!

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