Should You Show Face on a Panty Selling Website?

I got this question from a new panty seller:

“I have been going back and forth on this since I decided to sell my used panties. I have listened to the Panty Selling podcast and went through your Ultimate Guide Training. I noticed you have said you don’t show your face but at other times you have and some pictures do have your face. I don’t know if I should keep my face hidden or not because I know in videos men typically enjoy seeing a females face and the pleasure she is experiencing.

I have thought about getting creative with coverings but there are not many options. I’m also debating not having videos as an option but feel that I would be “screwing myself” (lol, I couldn’t help the pun either) out of the money I could be earning. Hoping for some advice and help on making the final decision.”

Great question. Here’s my answer.

I never have and never would show my face in sexual content.

I have shown my face on profile pictures and random pictures uploaded to platforms but never nude!

I will say categorically that showing your face (particularly in videos) will garner you more sales. That’s just a fact.

But not everyone wants to do that (or can for various reasons).

So it’s not a deal-breaker. I’ve still managed to make a lot of money by having that compromise of showing my face on my profile so that guys can see what I look like, but not showing my face anywhere else!

This is an individual decision. It’s something you have to weigh up based on your individual circumstances. You could always test a face pic profile for a day or two and take it from there. Any decision you make can be changed. But think of the worst case scenario and act from that place.

I have been found on a platform and on social media and it wasn’t the best experience of my life. So think about how you’ll feel if anyone finds you and identifies you (and potentially buys from you!!).

But yes, bottom line is you will make more sales if you show face!

I hope that helps.


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