Selling on SideDaddy

So I decided to try out selling on SideDaddy. Here’s my review of them.

SideDaddy is a sex work friendly site similar to Indiebill where you can sell your content like videos and pics without having to physically do anything.

You upload the pic sets and videos (as well as photos and status updates) to your page, set your price and that’s it done. 

If you’ve added your SideDaddy account to your AllMyLinks page, a buyer can visit it and have instant access to purchase and download your content without you having to do anything. They watermark your content too so that’s taken care of.

Users are also able to fill in custom request forms where they will tell you what they want and for how much. I love this feature, it makes it super easy to fulfil custom requests.

You use hashtags to make your content easy to find for users. I love that they have the hashtags all mapped out for you to select three. I hate having to think of my own! 

They take a cut of 30%, which is good given that they’re sending the content for you. But, Indiebill only takes 15%. So there’s definitely room for improvement payout-wise.

Of course, you can make deals to sell your panties in DMs with followers but won’t be able to sell the physical product on the site. 

All models are featured on the home page so there’s also a chance that people can find you without having to be directed to your page.

I love how easy it is to use but it would be useful to have a place to be social on the site so you could connect with buyers. 

There’s also not the option to customise your home page on SideDaddy. This is my profile link <—- not ideal, it would be better to have my name so I can share it easily.

It does link to your Twitter, which is useful.

Overall, I like it. Takes a bit of getting used to but seems like they’re on it. They have a blog for updating you on site functionality and payouts and the blogs allow comments so you can engage too. A big plus for me!


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