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Sole Sista Beginner’s Guide To Selling Foot Pics (& More) Online


Here’s the thing:

Unless you’re a straight-up BOOMER, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e knows that selling feet pics online is totally a thing these days.

Unlike panty selling, typing in ‘how to sell foot pics online’ will generate about forty billion hits on the Google. (That might be a slight exaggeration.)

What a lot of these people giving you this deliciously smelly information don’t tell you is that they aren’t, nor have they, attempted to sell foot fetish-related items on the interwebs.

Because if they had, I’d see a helluva lot more than just take pics of your feet and sell your socks kinda info.

And I don’t.

I see the same old pics and socks information everywhere I turn.

I don’t see them telling you ALL the different things you can sell (spoiler: at least 10x what they’re talking to you about)

I don’t see them explaining the different types of foot fetish and what appeals to different fetishists (trying saying that after a glass of wine – or half a glass in my case!).

I certainly don’t see them talking about how you can appeal to these guys.

And I don’t also see them guiding you step-by-step (PUN) through exactly what you have to do to get up and running (PUN) selling to foot fetish guys.

That’s why the latest Panty Selling School creation SOLE SISTA is your handy (or should that be footy? *groan) guide (and video training) to all the foot fetish items and offerings to be sold online.

This quick and easy guide will tell you everything you need to know so that you can add funky, fun foot fetish with flair offerings and up your income potential.

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The guide contains the niche know-how to turn you from footsie novice to tootsie sage. It also has a video training of me walking you through my own foot fetish offerings and how you can get ideas to create stand-out foot fetish products and services.

I’ve done the hard work for you so that you don’t have to waste any time scouring the internet for information on food crushing or toe-splaying. 

Not only am I walking you through EVERYTHING you need to know about why your feet are your next paycheck, I’m also providing you with step-by-step (there’s that pun again) instructions on getting up and running (they won’t stop) to offer some next level foot offerings to your next foot fetish guy.

What’s Included?

Sole Sista includes:

What is the foot fetish all about?

Different types of foot fetish and what a foot fetishist needs.

Exactly what you can sell (way more than you think!)

Step-by-step what to do to start selling foot pics (and way more)

Where to sell

What to charge

The ‘weird and wonderful’ foot fetish terms – keeping you in the know!

*PLUS* a 20 minute video training where I show you exactly how I use my knowledge of the foot fetish world to create awesome products and how you can too!

This is the ULTIMATE one-stop-shop from complete novice to foot selling PRO taking all the guesswork out and saving you any time researching online – trust me, you’ll struggle to get good information from all the forty billion blog posts out there!

Sole Sista is literally giving you the best head start so you too can know exactly how to sell feet pics (and more) online!

Get it now!!

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Believe me, there’s a tonne of information out there but a lot of it isn’t from those actually walking the talk (PUN). This basic guide is your best introduction if you’re just getting started in what can be a nice little side-income.

This is hands down (or should that be, feet down? LOLZ) one of the best overall introductory foot fetish selling guides for a super low-price point!


Let Me Tell You What’s Inside The Masterclass

What is a Foot Fetish?

Why Do Men Want Foot Fetish Items?

Different Types of Fetish

Everything You Can Sell To Foot Fetishists

What You Need

Where To Sell

What To Charge

Pics That Stand Out

Knowing EXACTLY What Your Buyer Wants

Video Training 

Dictionary Terms of Foot Fetish


If you’re ready, you can download the 27 page PDF Document & Video Training NOW!

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Refund Policy: Due to the automatic download of the PDF Guide no refunds are accepted. However, if you need feedback or help, email Dalma at

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