My Goal For Onlyfans – How Many Subscribers Do You Need?

If you listened to last week’s Panty Selling Podcast about my love of Onlyfans you’ll know that I mentioned that I was 12 subscribers in and looking for 267. My goal is 267 subscribers. That’s what I’m aiming for…

I received this message this morning so I’d like to answer it here…

How did you come up with your 267 number? Is it possible to make enough to be worth your time with only pics? Are videos necessary? Can you do only pics on onlyfans and up sell videos? Finally, how important are panty sales to your business now that you’ve moved more to onlyfans? Thank you for your time.

How did I come up with 267 subscribers?


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Well, 267 x $9.99 monthly subscription = $2667.33

Minus the 20% cut that Onlyfans takes = $2133

My goal is $2000 per month income.

Did I say maths was my strong point?

The upshot is that that number will help me to reach/slightly exceed my monthly income goal.

I AM A HUGE BELIEVER in writing down goals and having a financial goal that you understand and can flip the numbers to figure out what you need to do and how far you’ve come. If you get turned on by that as much as I do then you NEED the 7 Day Sales Challenge.

So back to the question…

Is it possible to make enough to be worth your time with only pics?

Well, that kinda depends on what your goal is. I’m not brushing off the question but my goals and desires are going to be different to yours because we’re not in the same situation. So if your goal is some extra money then yes. If your goal is a full-time income then maybe. But I’ll say that to get to the point where you have a full-time income on just pics means you’re either starting with a big audience (like 100K followers on instagram OR you’re prepared to get yourself to that point.

And if you are going to go down the only pics route, your pics better be fucking good.

So there’s that.

I firmly believe that videos are a good earner. It’s been my experience and that of others I know. Upselling in onlyfans is the way to 10x your income for sure. I’d recommend sharing videos anyway because your onlyfans subscribers need variety.

You can post short teaser clips or actual videos and then upsell special videos that show more.

You don’t HAVE TO do videos at all. But if you’re comfortable with it then it’s a great way to make additional income.

How important are panty sales now that I’ve moved more to Onlyfans?

Panty sales are still my bread and butter. I haven’t given up on them. If anything I’m operating a two-pronged approach right now which is panty selling and Onlyfans.

I’ve usually mostly supplied panties plus digital content from the get go so this makes sense to me because platforms are for the panty sales and digital content and Onlyfans is for the digital content (with perhaps a request to purchase panties on the side, who knows?)

So I’ll be focusing on both still. I KNOW that Onlyfans is a long-game. I’m not going to make it overnight. But I’ll be spreading my energy and focus between the two. 

They both call for different strategies but that’s always been the case. The kinds of guys who want videos and pics don’t always tend to want panties and vice versa.

It pays to know your audience and how and where to advertise to them.

Right now 90% of my subscribers on Onlyfans are from Pantydeal so it makes sense to keep doing what I’m doing there too until I build a following on Twitter, which I feel is a better approach than Instagram.

Most of the money I make still comes from panty sales. Onlyfans is just another string to my bow and something I’m excited about pursuing because recurring revenue is where it’s at!

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