Sugar Daddy Scam

I got this message from a new panty seller:

“I’ve been working my way through your ultimate guide training and the podcast, but if there is an answer to this question I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m in one of those ‘too good to be true’ moments and I was hoping the expert would be able to help. 
I have just begun selling, and I’m still a little wary of what’s normal and whats not, as well as finding what I’m comfortable with. I have a potential client who has asked me to be his sugar baby. He provided a very comprehensive list of his wants (this many pics a day, this many vids a week, etc.) for a $500 weekly allowance. Again it already feels to good to be true. But now he’s asking for a ‘trust fee’ of $50. I explained I currently don’t have $50, which was true, and he lowered it to $25. He even sent me screenshots of a convo with another person who was saying she was scared of being scammed but she sent the $50 and he sent her $550 back. I really want to believe in the good in people, and I get why someone spending that much money needs some kind of leverage so he doesn’t get ghosted. But I really can’t afford to lose $25 on someone scamming me. What do I do? 
Thank you for everything you do for women and this community.”
Thank you for your question.
This comes up A LOT.
I’m sorry, this is a scam. Any guy asking for money so that he can start sending you money, is scamming you.
The sugar daddies tend to be scammers. Like, 99% of them are scammers who want your attention (or money) by hooking you with a promise of lots of money. Think about it this way, if they have that much money to have a sugar baby, why oh why would they want your money? 
If these guys had that amount of money, they’d be shrewd enough and intelligent enough to figure out the practicalities of this kind of arrangement. They might ask more about you but they would never, never, ask you for money.
The screenshots they send you are photoshop. These guys are professional scammers.
It’s a lie.
Please don’t feel bad, new sellers are always targeted for this shit because they’re relying on you being naive.
The end.

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