Taking A Break From Selling Underwear Online…

You may or may not have noticed a short break in transmission the last few weeks as I’ve moved country.

It’s been a busy time and unfortunately, panty-selling has had to take a massive back seat whilst I physically move country and all the fun that goes along with that.

Here’s what I noticed:

  • An appreciation, first and foremost, for the ability to be able take a back seat when it comes to used panty selling.
  • An observation that the more I avoid selling (deliberately or otherwise) the harder it is to get back into it.
  • An understanding that it truly does need to be a focused, consistent effort in order to make sales AKA ‘coasting’ only works for so long…
  • A feeling that a decision is looming with regards to whether and how I pursue this as a part-time job.

So yeah, lots going on.

Ultimately, I love the work (mostly).
I love the connection with other sellers.
I love making money – obviously!
I love the freedom this job provides.
I love creating the podcast and the amazing feedback that I receive from sellers.

But I also see that sellers come and go all the time and I understand why.

This job can burn you out fairly quickly if you don’t have the energy reserves to keep up.

If you don’t feel it for a prolonged period of time it’s easy to talk yourself out of this as a viable “career” option.

It’s imperative to take a break when you’re not feeling the vibe but there is a delicate tipping point where you can be out the loop for so long you just don’t feel like jumping back in.

The most important thing for me when I feel this way is to do nothing drastic i.e. do NOT delete my profile.

I don’t dare make the wrong decision when it could just be that I need a short break.

I posted in my G Drive that I was ‘on vacation’ for a couple of weeks in order to get my energy together.

it could also be that the Summer holidays are here and everyone wants to take a break and chill out. By all accounts Summer can be very quiet in terms of sales so that’s something to keep in mind.

So what am I saying?

I’m saying that it’s normal to have these kinds of lulls in your energy around panty selling and if that feeling never goes then of course listen to that internal guidance.

For me, this is a pattern. I start something, get good at it then lose interest. That said, this is the first time in a long time that a business endeavour has made me so much cash so quickly and that is hard to walk away from.

So here I am. A renewed commitment to at least show up here. To write out my thoughts and step up from the absolute bare minimum of checking into platforms to post something – anything! – to actually doing some ‘work’.

Some strategic work that may – heaven forbid! – result in sales.

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