Test The Market!

I got a cool email from a prospective used panty seller today and she mentioned an idea she’d had for something she could sell and was looking for my feedback.

It never ceases to amaze me how creative us sellers can be and even if the idea itself isn’t original, there are always new and interesting ways to market or sell an idea!

Speaking of which, I heard of a new fetish this morning (well, it probably isn’t fetish status just yet…actually, how many guys does it take to be into something weirdly unique for a new fetish classification to be given??? Like, is there a board of certification for fetishes?? I digress…) that was brand new to me! 


It turns out that to proceed with this idea would involve an additional outlay of cost and that’s why I wanted to reiterate if I haven’t said this before, which, Lord knows I probably have!


This isn’t a new idea. Not by a long shot. In fact, I remember reading about this in Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week a bijillion years ago.

Soooooooo many people come up with great ideas for things and go to all the time and effort of launching them only to discover that nobody wants them. 

More recently someone asked me if I thought sellers would be interested in something that was honestly the most NOT A FUCKING CHANCE, EVER idea I’ve ever heard.

But people are a bit silly and get themselves excited about things that sound like a good idea and just aren’t what the market really wants.

So yes, don’t waste a boat load of money and time trying to get something off the ground that nobody really wants.


What does that look like?

It means you take 10 minutes to put together an advert for said product or service and you post it on your panty selling sites… I was going to say it’s free but obviously you are paying for panty selling platforms. But you get my drift. THE WHOLE ENTIRE MARKET IS THERE and looking at your adverts.

Post it at least 100 times and see what the response is like.

Guys messaging and asking about how they can get their hands on it?


Absolute crickets?

Not so good.

The point is you’ve lost nothing and you’ve tested the concept before you’ve done anything like set up a website or buy in merchandise! 

The marketplace is right there at your fingertips and you’ll get a good response pretty damn quick if it’s something that’s a goer.

Now, downside alert WOO WOO WOO

If it’s a great idea, others will copy it.

That’s just life and sellers are notorious for copying ideas.

If you’re not ok with that then you probably aren’t cut out for the free marketplace.

But persevere anyway and know secretly that you brought a cool concept to market and now it’s an ACTUAL THING. So cool.

Get out there and see. Nothing to lose! 

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2 thoughts on “Test The Market!”

  1. This is so helpful! I was thinking of getting more into sports wear for guys, like team tee’s and panties, but not sure if there’s an appeal for them. Test the market with ads, I never thought of that.


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